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Jünger A. Clean. Revolutionary diet of rejuvenation 2012
The purification system of Alejandra Junger is unique for everyone ... but especially for women. Look younger without expensive injections and procedures, lose weight beautifully and forever, have fantastic skin and a lot of energy, and most importantly, once again shine and look younger? It is possible and very simple, like all ingenious. Detox is a truly feminine ritual of renewal and youth. After all, health and beauty do not come to us and do not leave us - they are always inside us. All we need to do is to open the internal reserves that nature has planted in us to wake up and show our natural magnificence to the world ... 21 days and the world will change!
Melnikov Ilya. Nutrition for allergic diseases 2012
Allergic reactions can occur in the treatment of drugs, household and industrial chemicals, as well as certain foods (food allergies). Useful foods enriched with calcium, which has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. If the allergic reaction occurs with the therapeutic nutrition of various diseases, then it is necessary to make appropriate changes in the basic diet.
Kovalkov A.V. How to lose weight? The strategy of victory over weight. 2012
What is the mechanism of obesity development? Why do some people get fat and some do not? How to lose weight without causing damage to your health? How to lose weight and then not recover again? Why do not the trendy advertised products and diets help? What is the harm of starvation? These and many other questions you will find the answer in this book.
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Патологическая анатомия / Педиатрия / Патологическая физиология / Оториноларингология / Организация системы здравоохранения / Онкология / Неврология и нейрохирургия / Наследственные, генные болезни / Кожные и венерические болезни / История медицины / Инфекционные заболевания / Иммунология и аллергология / Гематология / Валеология / Интенсивная терапия, анестезиология и реанимация, первая помощь / Гигиена и санэпидконтроль / Кардиология / Ветеринария / Вирусология / Внутренние болезни / Акушерство и гинекология Medical parasitology / Pathological anatomy / Pediatrics / Pathological physiology / Otorhinolaryngology / Health system organization / Oncology / Neurology and neurosurgery / Hereditary, gene diseases / Skin and venereal diseases / History of medicine / Infectious diseases / Immunology and allergology / Hematology / Valeology / Intensive therapy, anaesthesiology and resuscitation, first aid / Hygiene and Sanitary Epidemiology / Cardiology / Veterinary Medicine / Virology / Internal Medicine / Obstetrics and Gynecology
The mother group of breastfeeding support in Samara Breastfeeding the most important issues 2014
Psychological well-being of the child and breastfeeding. Preparing for feeding. Feed on demand of the child. What it is? Organization of feeding: feeding on demand, rhythms. And we fed every 45 minutes ... The organization of breastfeeding in the maternity hospital. Organization of breastfeeding after cesarean section. The first questions about breastfeeding in the hospital. The basic rules of successful breastfeeding. Comply with the recommendations of WHO / UNICEF. Basic rules of breastfeeding (in detail). Correct application of the baby to the breast. What it is? We serve the breast comfortably. Asymmetric Attachment: User's Guide. Asymmetric breast capture. A little more about the correct attachment of the baby to the chest. We arrange ourselves comfortably. Postures for feeding. Feeding with combat. Mother + baby. Communication skills in pairs. Your questions about breastfeeding and caring for the child and the answers to them. Feeding the nursing mother. Prejudices about mastitis. Lactation crises. And your milk ran away .. (Do modern moms have shortage of breast milk) How to increase the amount of milk? I'm sick, but I'm feeding. How to find out that your doctor does not support breastfeeding. Chest and dummy. Breast rejection: the child says "no"
Lecture Burns, frostbites, electric trauma 2012
Burning disease Epidemiology Pathophysiology of local lesions Classification of burns Pathogenesis of burn shock Clinic of burn shock First aid for burns Pathogenesis and clinic of burn toxemia and septicotoxemia Treatment of burn disease Electrical injury. Pathogenesis. Clinic First aid for electrical trauma Frostbites Periods and degrees of frostbite First aid and treatment Complications of frostbites Chemical burns
abstract The safety of medical personnel in terms of preventing infection with viral infections 2012
Introduction Risk factors for the infection of surgeons with viral hepatitis and the types of prevention The general concept of HIV infection and the prevention of HIV infection in surgery Conclusion References
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Гендерная психология / Возрастная психология / Военная психология и педагогика / Введение в профессию «Психолог» / Акмеология Self-perfection / Gender psychology / Age psychology / Military psychology and pedagogy / Introduction to the profession "Psychologist" / Acmeology
Velichko S.V. Adapting potential of servicemen in psychological preparation for civil life Auto
The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of psychological sciences (On the rights of the manuscript). The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of psychological sciences (On the rights of the manuscript). Specialty: Age and pedagogical psychology. Scientific adviser: Khudik VA Leading institution: Rostov Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Educators. Location: Taganrog State Radio Engineering University. Specialty: Age and pedagogical psychology. Scientific adviser: Khudik VA Leading institution: Rostov Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Educators. Location: Taganrog State Radio Engineering University. As a manuscript
Kazantseva A. Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things 2014
The book of young scientific journalist Asya Kazantseva - about the main biological traps that prevent us from living happily and behaving well. Relying on authoritative scientific works for the most part, and sometimes only for personal experience, the author captivates and tells where bad habits come from, why it is so difficult to work in November and what substances are the basis of the chemistry of love. Asya Kazantseva, a graduate of St. Petersburg State University's biofaca, is a zealous promoter of great science. She was one of the creators of the Progress program on the Fifth Channel and a participant in the Science 2.0 project on the Russia TV channel; her articles and columns were published in a variety of publications - from the Trinity version to Men's Health. How the brain makes us do stupid things - her first book.
Roem Dan The practice of visual thinking 2013
The book is a companion to the bestseller "Visual Thinking". Dan Roehm's first book, Visual Thinking, showed us what simple pictures can play in generating ideas and communicating in general. She presented a new and interesting method of solving completely different problems - from strategic issues of top management to the most prosaic office problems. In this book, Dan helps readers integrate their methodology into daily practice. The book is full of detailed examples, exercises and an empty space for your drawings. If "Visual Thinking" is a guide to "high cuisine", then "The practice of visual thinking" is a table cookbook, which is destined to draw a lot of notes and bookmarks. This is a book-course. The author organized the book as a four-day seminar, he conducts the reader step by step from the stage "I can not draw" to "The picture I drew, in my opinion, can save the world." For whom this book will appeal to creative people, it will be useful for marketers, brand managers and anyone who is looking for an original method for solving complex problems
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