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Lissy Moussa Kirdyk and OK`SYUMORON, or What to do 2008
The very essence of OK `SUMORON in this book, everyone will find in it a real support and help in solving complex life problems. And although this is one of Lissy Moussa's most cheerful books, she helps in solving the problems of serious and does it in a completely new way in the key of the psychological game "OK`SYUMORON". The way out of any situation is always, asserts the author, even if not always as we would like, but free and cheerful! See for yourself! Kirdyk- (Tartar, kyrdyk kyru) љ exterminate, destroy. Paragraph (German absatz) 1) a red line indent in the initial line of the text; 2) part of the text from one such indent to the next. Both mean a crisis moment. Kirdyk old conditions and circumstances. The paragraph is over. "All is lost!" We exclaim, we are grieving and wringing our hands when a series of events begins that do not suit us, forgetting that another life begins from the red line. New paragraph. This book will teach you how to overcome any crises without losses and from any situation get out the winner. Unique creative technologies of the psychological Game "OK`SYUMORON" in combination with brilliant humor and fantastically active life position will allow you to make a luxurious candy from any situation! Those who are already in the crisis zone will find support and strength for take-off here, and everyone else will be able to enjoy another smart and fun book of the Magic Game.
Liz Bourbo Love, love, love: About different ways to improve relationships, about accepting others and yourself 2008
Liz Burbo, a million-favorite author of the series "Listen to your body," wrote an off-the-record book. Her lessons are built on conversations with real people and their stories - sad, funny and tragic. With an enthusiasm watching the development of the characters of this book, you will see the incredible results that lead to true love and acceptance. You will also be able to understand the difference between humility and obedience and learn about the different sides of love - parental, friendly, proprietary, love-passion and unconditional love ... This unique book will sharpen your sensitivity and guide you through the various situations that you face in your life.
Norbekov M.S. The experience of a fool, or the key to enlightenment 2008
Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov is a doctor of psychology, doctor of pedagogy, doctor of philosophy in medicine, professor, full member and corresponding member of a number of Russian and foreign academies, founder and president of the Institute of Self-Restoration of Man, holder of a black belt for Sam-Chon-Do and black belt for Kyokushinkai (3 dan), the author of several well-known books that have helped many people.The book "The Fool Experience, or the Key to Insight", which became a bestseller, is not just a manual for accelerated learning of eye restoration, raktat philosophy for chronic loser of the patient, but rather a guide to action.
Bilevich. V.V. School of wit or how to learn to joke 2008
This book will interest many - and those whom God has not given wit, and those who consider themselves completely witty. A sense of humor is not some cosmic insight, but rather a set of specific skills that can and should be mastered. It will help you painlessly survive, change, keep creative infusion in a stressful situation, work more efficiently - in one word it will save health. But in order to benefit from any skill, it must first be developed and honed in itself until it becomes a habit, it will not become an integral part, an instrument of your daily life. This is the purpose of this book. It will give a complete picture of the nature of wit, about the technologies and laws of creating ridiculous. And there are more than enough examples of ridiculous and witty here - it is assumed that they learn by good examples.
Grace N. Methods of developing memory, attention and speech 2008
Natalia Grace is the head of the Rhetoric Institute. In addition, Natalia is a business coach, a popular lecturer, an expert in memory improvement, leading television and radio programs. This is not a classic textbook, but still a textbook, although not boring at all. The methods outlined in it are effective and simple. Having studied them, you will not only enjoy yourself, but also learn how to manage your speech, which means, life and people.
Atkinson U.U. The law of attraction and the power of thought 2008
"The Law of Attraction and the Power of Thought" is one of the first books (The 1906 Edition) about the Great Law of Attraction, which manages human life. As you know, what we desire or fear, is attracted to us. The time has come to seize this power and force it to serve its own good. The author of the book William Atkinson (Yogi Ramacharaka) tells how to harmonize with the world and bring happiness and success into your life.
Roem Dan. Visual thinking. Solving problems and selling ideas using pictures on a napkin 2008
Dan Roem is the founder of Digital Roam Inc., specializing in management consulting, which helps solve complex problems with the help of visual thinking tools. His unique technique, he used with great success in Google, eBay, General Electric, Wal-Mart, Microsoft and many other famous companies. There is a way to more quickly solve the problem and effectively communicate to the people around you all the finds that you have been able to discover - this is visual thinking, and it is the book that is devoted to solving problems by creating their visual images. And he teaches the use of visual images in order to convey the very essence of the process, not clouded by emotions and superfluous words. Structuring information in the form of pictures or diagrams helps to grasp the essence of the problem. The book does not just teach you to present a thought in the form of a scheme to bring it to the partner. First of all, it helps to understand it for yourself.
De Bono Edward Creative ideas generator 2008
Before you, the ideal software for the brain - creative games, one of the main techniques of lateral thinking. Do it once, make two and produce thousands of new creative ideas in one day!
Liz bourbo Responsibility, obligation, guilt 2007
The sense of guilt is one of the main causes of all the troubles, diseases and other misfortunes of modern man. To get rid of this feeling, it is necessary to deeply understand its essence and causes, and for this, first of all, to understand the concepts of responsibility and obligation. In well-known, typical examples, Liz Burbo reveals the dialectic of human responsibility in detail and accessible - to himself first of all. Taking off the illusion of guilt means making a great step toward revealing your divine essence.
Akimova G.E. Super Intelligence 2007
How to strengthen the intellect and develop creative thinking? This question is of interest to many young people, because it is from these abilities of a person that his successes in his career and his personal life largely depend. This issue is also worried by parents who are trying to provide their children with a bright future. In the pages of this book the author tells how to determine the level of development of intelligence, how to reveal the talents and abilities of your child, how to learn to think creatively. Interest readers will certainly cause tasks, games, puzzles that promote the development of logical and conceptual thinking, spatial imagination and even a sense of humor. Dare! And you will discover your hidden opportunities.
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