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Sweeney Linda Booth, Meadows Dennis. Collection of games for the development of system thinking 2007
The practical exercises and games offered in the collection are aimed at developing system thinking, training in teamwork, forming a creative approach to the performance of any tasks. The book is addressed to secondary school teachers, university professors, psychologists, teachers of additional education, everyone who is interested in gaming, active teaching methods and seeks to find their solution to complex problems.
Müller Horst Drawing mental maps. Method of generating and structuring ideas 2007
Drawing up mental maps (intellect cards) will not only help you generate new original ideas, plan your work and life, cope with a huge flow of information, solve complex problems, effectively organize various events, but also give you a lot of fun. After reading this book, you will learn how to use mental maps in the most diverse areas of your activity and thanks to this you will have the opportunity to significantly improve your life. The book is written in a simple, clear, accessible language, contains many illustrations and examples. Addressed a wide range of readers. Such literature is extremely small, as a rule, it is limited to Tony Buzen's book "Supernatural". Now there is a book popularly telling about mind maps, and their application! The book is illustrated! The quality of the book is very good, the text is recognized! Read, apply!
Allen D. Eight pillars of prosperity. Become a full master of your mind, health and life 2007
For man, the main problem in life is to learn how to live properly. It's like a schoolboy learn the simplest rules of arithmetic: addition and subtraction. At first it seems very difficult, but when you fill your hand, everything becomes simple and easy, and you do not need to break your head over it. The same can be said about all our problems - social, political or religious - they exist only because we do not understand something and can not live properly. But if each of us finds a solution to these problems in our heart, they will be able to be resolved within the whole society. All mankind is now passing through the painful process of "apprenticeship." And on this path each of us faces difficulties - by virtue of our own ignorance. But as people gradually overcome science with the correct organization of their life, it is wise to use and direct their powers and abilities, they will gain understanding of their main life goal and will be able to live happily; and then all "problems connected with malice" will be put to an end. Because the light of wisdom dispels these problems.
Booth W., Columbus G., Williams D. Study. Sixteen Lessons for Beginners 2007
This manual offers practical advice on writing research work for students, graduate students and young scientists of all specialties. It teaches more than just the art of data collection: the manual examines research as an analytical process. The authors illustrate by schemes each stage of the research process from searching the topic and generating questions to it before presenting the actual data, putting forward arguments and creating a complete written work as an authoritative document. The material of the book will be useful both for those who undertake the research project for the first time, and for those who write a thesis.
Lissy Moussa Serenade Marzipanovna, Dragon and OK'SYUMORON. Magic self-fulfilling fairy tales 2006
It's a sensation! One day science will probably explain the secret of this mysterious phenomenon, but now it is a unique technology, which does not exist. Despite a slightly flippant title - "Magic Self-Executing Tales" - there are no techniques equal to this in power and efficiency. Anyone can use this technique - no special training or abilities are required here, - absolutely all the developments of Lissi Moussa's creative laboratory are accessible and versatile. Even if someone at first seems difficult to compose his Magic Tale, you can try on any fairy tale from the book, and it will work perfectly. And when you figure out how to build a story, you'll find that there are no difficulties, and in fact - IT IS EASIER SIMPLE: BUILD YOUR DESTINY and make it the way you want. To do this, it is enough to take advantage of the technology presented here, namely, to create your own Tale.
Grace N. Laws of Grace 2006
The patterns that Natalia Grace managed to discover will help you make the problems a stepping stone to success. The laws of Grace are swords, by which you can crush the edges of difficulties. The laws of Grace are traps for dangers that might be waiting for you. With their help you can save strength. "Laws of meanness", invented by whiners, will not affect your life. Wisdom and good humor are your companions. The power of the spirit is your mentor. Striving for a goal is your guiding star.
Ruzhieiro V.R. Thinking: fifteen lessons for novice authors 2006
Repeatedly republished in the US, the easily read and fascinating book by a famous teacher and scientist talks about strategies for creative and critical thinking and offers many opportunities for the development of these fundamental skills required in studies, professional activities and daily life. In the book, readers will also find practical advice on how to convincingly present their decisions in written work and oral presentation and how to apply the basic principles of formal logic. The manual is intended for students, graduate students, young professionals, teachers and anyone who wants to develop their thinking.
Cameron D. The artist's path. Your creative workshop 2005
The book "The Way of the Artist" for 10 years of its existence has changed the lives of more than a million people, namely their attitude to their own creative abilities, and helped them realize their dreams of creativity. Julia Cameron, famous in the bohemian circles of the United States as an outstanding consultant on the disclosure of the creative abilities of man, believes that creativity is one of the fundamental qualities of human nature, a real spiritual path of self-realization and going beyond the usual perception of life. This book is a practical course designed for 12 weeks of daily classes that help the beginning (advanced) creator (any of us) to see and awaken new, sometimes unexpected talents.
Bono E. Teach yourself to think: self-instruction in the development of thinking 2005
A wide range of readers are encouraged to develop and improve their thinking skills with a very simple methodology, which consists of only 5 steps. I am breathing. I go. I say. I think. I do not think about these things; why should I think about thinking? The process of thinking occurs naturally, learn it in the process of development. Smart people do not have to learn thinking in order to think. Others will not be able to think, no matter how hard they try. What is wrong with this view?
Gromyko N.V. Training of schematization 2005
The proposed educational and methodological manual is a collection of scenarios for conducting lessons and trainings on the schematization. Schematization is a special art associated with the culture of thinking. Introduction to the art of schematization is one of the most important ways of introducing the practice of thinking. The main objective of this manual is to show how different learning situations can be evaluated, aimed at forming the ability of schematization in high school students and students; how, in this case, the pedagogical strategy of the teacher should be built up, as well as the educational strategy of the student (or student) involved in the process of mastering the techniques of schematization. The educational-methodical manual "Training of schematization" is carried out in the logic of the thought-activity approach in education and is an appendix to the textbook Yu.V. Gromyko "Metapredmet" Sign "(M., 2001). Hence the second purpose of the book is to present the features of teaching the meta-subtitle "Sign", to show how this meta-subject technology is applied in practice. Before you - a kind of pedagogical album with diagrams and with comments on the schemes that were generated by students and students in the process of their education. The manual is intended for anyone who is interested in the latest approaches in education related to the formation of thinking - for teachers of schools and university teachers, for high school students and students, for their parents, as well as for scientists - philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists, etc.
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