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Byusen T. Teach yourself to think! 2004
Students, businessmen and many other people, for whom the brain serves as an instrument of production, offers an extremely effective program that allows us to activate its vast potential inherent in any of us by nature. For a wide range of readers.
Byusen T., Byuzen B. Super Thinking 2003
The book represents a significant stage in the implementation of the revolutionary "Buesen" approach to human thinking and offers you to master a simple tool that dramatically improves its effectiveness in all directions. For a wide range of readers.
Gromyko Yu. V. Metapredmet Sign. Schematicization and construction of signs. Understanding Characters 2001
The manual "Metapredmet" Sign "is intended for high school students of secondary general education school, students of pedagogical colleges, entrants of pedagogical colleges, teachers and parents. This book is a navigator in the field of schematization, semiotics schemes and symbolism. She sets out the concept of how you can learn how to schematize, how you can build and organize the training work. The main goal of this training manual is to teach high school students to recognize behind different signs and schemes various ideal realities and build their own attitude to serious problems of cognition, science, culture, politics, methodology and worldview.
Eric Berne Introduction to psychiatry and psychoanalysis for the uninitiated 1998
This book - for many reasons, the only one of its kind. Its author is a psychiatrist and highly skilled psychoanalyst, a staunch follower of Freud; but I had to read a few chapters of the book before I could see for myself. The fact is that, unlike some people who are completely entrusted with some theory and immediately drowning in it, Dr. Berne maintains such an objective and unruffled position that at first he makes the impression of a captious tester rather than a passionate admirer of Freud. "Psychic in Action" begins with a kind of biological review of the general aspects of mental development. In a clear, not cluttered with technical terms, the explanations here explain the normal functions of the brain, expressed by feelings and actions, the strongest aspirations and management in children and adults and the reaction of the organism as a whole to its environment.
Dimnet E. The art of thinking 1996
The book opens his eyes to the process of thinking of man and gives an excellent stimulus for its development. An easy, understandable presentation with many examples and practical tips will help you learn the art of thinking. At one time a bestseller, which read millions.
Altshuller G., Vertkin I. How to become a genius. Life strategy of the creative personality 1994
The life of a creative person is an exciting struggle of the individual and the external circumstances that hinder her. It has its own laws and regulations, ups and downs. Authors have opened them, having studied destinies of hundreds of outstanding people, and suggest the reader to play a fascinating chess game on a board called life. To read the book, preliminary special information is not needed. A high school student and a student, she will make you think about the problem of choosing a worthy goal, which can be devoted to life, a beginning researcher will receive a powerful tool for its implementation, a mature scientist will re-experience the vicissitudes of his struggle and regret that this book did not reach him for many years ago. So, this book is for those who would like to dedicate their lives to creativity, regardless of what area of ​​human activity it refers to.
Andreev OA Khromov L.N. Learn to read quickly 1991
A book about how to expand your horizons, learn how to read quickly. Very easy to understand, training takes an average of 30-40 minutes a day. After studying this book, the reading speed increases at least twice (if you do not follow all the rules). If you observe everything, then the times in 4-5 Improves the quality of memorization. Recommended for students, schoolchildren and anyone who has to read a lot.
Andreev OA, Khromov LN Learn to be careful 1991
The program "Ultra Rapid" - the third level of speed reading (20,000 characters per minute). The task is to develop attention, activate creative thinking, develop intuition.
Sher B. Willingness to wish: how to get what you really want 1984
"The ability to wish" is a happy exception from the general mass. Simple, practical and sometimes very unexpected advice unites psychology, time management, common sense and personal experience of the author, giving an opportunity to understand their desires and begin to implement them.
Akimov I., Klimenko V. About the boy who could fly, or the way to freedom 1980
The book is about talent, its mechanisms, its movement towards self-fulfillment or self-introspection. "Self-teacher" - how to become talented. In the 80 years was published in the journal "Student Meridian".
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