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But if I can’t just show you the final picture, why not combine it with the picture?

The most important part of this story (and for me, from a personal and professional point of view, one of the most breakthrough moments in the whole book) is not at all related to what the final prototype looked like *. The breakthrough came from the pictures drawn by the team, the very pictures that we just discussed in such detail.
As in the McKinsey and Lego stories, at first I was afraid to show these draft sketches to Microsoft executives. Although I knew they looked unprofessional, I simply did not have time to redraw them using a graphical computer program. Therefore, we took what was. However, as we told the company executives about the scenario depicted on the board, something incredible began to happen: almost every participant in the meeting immediately understood, immediately understood what we were showing. Over the years of presentations at the highest level, I have never seen anything like it. No one complained that we chose the wrong font, no one questioned the choice of colors, and no one bothered about the accuracy or relevance of the data **.
* How to know? Maybe someday you will see elements of this prototype in a future version of your favorite spreadsheet program.

** Go back and look at the “data” in the draft interface - these are not real numbers. More precisely, these are not numbers at all, but simple scribbles. However, no one complained. On the contrary, communication remained at a high and necessary level for us.
On the contrary, the discussion remained at a high conceptual level - exactly the volume that we needed in order to receive permission for further actions. The level of involvement in the discussion was high, the comments were deep, and the conclusions and conclusions were fast.
At the end of the meeting, two senior Microsoft executives approached me and said: “We really liked the way the meetings went. It seems that this was partly due to the quality of the images shown by you. What program did you use to create them? ”
From my point of view, it was quite obvious that the pictures were drawn by hand, and I thought that the leaders were playing a trick on me. I decided to repay them with the same coin. “I created the drawings,” I replied, “with the help of the programs Gray matter, version 1.0, and Pen with paper, version 1.0.” “And who developed them?” They immediately asked, almost in unison.

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But if I can’t just show you the final picture, why not combine it with the picture?

  1. I find it hard to accept the idea that we choose our parents. I read about this in your first book, and I must confess to you that I still cannot understand this. I am a foster child, and I always want to see my real mother. Why did I choose a mother who decided to leave me?
    To learn to love despite being abandoned. Since we always reap what we sow, an abandoned child is usually the soul that somehow abandoned its child in its previous life. Apparently, this is your case. Having forgiven your biological mother for abandoning you, you automatically forgive yourself. To do this, you need an open heart, a lot
  2. My mother has been in a psychiatric institute for more than a year, awaiting placement in a medical institution. Since I am the only person through whom she communicates with the outside world, I feel obliged to take care of her. Other than the trust she gives me, what gift can I get from this situation? Our relations have never been close, practically they simply do not exist.
    As for the gift, the hint about it is contained in your question. This is the perfect case to get close to your mother. However, how do you experience a sense of duty towards her? Do you care for her from a pure heart? Would you feel guilty if you didn't do this? No child owes his parents and vice versa. However, the bonds that bind parents and children provide
  3. When I go out for a walk alone or with a friend, my husband always blames me or sulks me. Sometimes I still go out for a walk, and sometimes not. One way or another, I feel ill at ease. If I go for a walk, I feel guilty. If I do not go out for a walk, then I feel unhappy. I know that I give in to guilt, but I can’t do anything with myself. What do i do?
    It is clear that your husband only openly expresses what is already happening in you. He is part of you, who says that a good wife should not go out without her husband. However, there is another part of you that sometimes wants to go out with someone else. Apparently, the first part - stronger and more often wins. Make contact with these two parts in you and ask them to come to an agreement and
  4. Your pictures "why." Theme and Variations
    I. Simple Truth Draw a simple “pretty good” portrait showing why visual thinking is a powerful way to solve problems. My decision is given in the appendix on p. 374. 2. Scientific scheme Create a simple multi-factor scheme that can illustrate one or two connections between the following data sets: the proportion of participants in a typical business meeting,
  5. Why do some pictures work and others not?
    Over the years, helping people solve problems with pictures, I was often surprised that some types of pictures helped clarify the situation, while others only worsened understanding. This is not related to the quality of the pictures. For example, people in diagram A were drawn much more accurately than the outlines of the figures in diagram B, but this did not help make diagram A easier to understand. It did not have
  6. Picture 6: “why” - scientific schedule
    So, we have come to the last and rather large question. “Why” is the universal key to solve problems. If we can answer the question “why” (why something works in a certain way, why one event happens and not another, why some things seem inevitable), then we can consider a significant part of our problem solved. Perhaps the details of the solution are not clear, however
  7. I think that having children is a big responsibility. It can even be called a lifetime contract. When I think I can cause them suffering, I feel bad. What do I need to do to think differently?
    Change your beliefs. First, when you make a decision to have a child, you should not think that you are responsible for his happiness. Your first motivation should be to give your soul a chance to return in order to incarnate. It is a gift of self. Then, to continue growth, you must learn to love this soul that has chosen you. To have a child is
  8. I would like to know what I can learn from my mother. It makes me experience emotions - in the sense that it always contradicts me. She is negatively disposed and always says that I will not succeed in starting a business.
    Judging by your question, I see that you blame your mother for your own emotions. Once again I emphasize that a person cannot be held responsible for anyone’s emotions. Only you are responsible for your emotions, that is, for your reaction to the words or deeds of your mother. You may not agree with what she tells you, but it is important that you feel that she is acting like her
  9. How can I feel happy if my spouse does not want to rise to my level of development?
    Mutual respect is fine, but for happiness this is not enough for me. If your spouse does not want to work on himself in the same direction and in the same rhythm as you, then this does not mean that he stopped in his development. It just doesn’t develop as fast as you. No one in this world has the right to control the evolution of another. If you give up trying to force a husband
  10. Do I have to reckon with the independence of her husband, if I always want to be with him?
    At first glance, the husband seems to you independent, but do not be mistaken. You depend on his presence, and he, of course, depends on something else. It is not by chance that you are together! Perhaps he belongs to the type of men who strongly do not want to admit their dependence. There is every reason to believe that he is dependent on your dependence. He probably likes to feel that
  11. How do I deal with my spouse if he often has bouts of melancholy that reach panic?
    I am afraid that such a state of mind can seriously affect me. This situation affects you because it annoys you and because you refuse to understand the condition of your spouse. A person gets depressed when he has low self-esteem. You undoubtedly noticed that in moments of crisis the spouse complains of pain in the region of the heart. The heart shrinks and the body
  12. Can you explain to me why relationships develop so well at the beginning and get worse with time?
    In the period of love, people notice each other only those features that they admire. Thanks to a new partner, our best facets are revealed. When this initial period passes, we are confronted with a reality that we already hardly perceive. We begin to notice those features of our spouse, which we had not noticed before, everything is aggravated when the spouse begins to reflect some of our
  13. My mother told me that inflammation of the nipples is always and that you just have to put up with it.
    Like many other women, your mother suffered in vain. Inflammation of the nipples can and should be prevented. In most cases, they are a sign of improper attachment to the chest. The baby sucks only the nipple, causing friction and causing harm, instead of sucking the breast in a wave-like action that cannot damage the nipple. Approximately 90% of problems are wrong.
  14. How can I get rid of the feeling of responsibility for a person dear to me who suffers in his soul How do I get rid of deep sadness?
    If the sight of a suffering dear person fills you with sadness, then this is because this situation awakens something in you that has long lain under a bushel and what you have tried to avoid. It would be important for you to conduct an internal research to better determine the nature of this sadness. What makes you so sad? It is not by chance that we choose certain people who
  15. If I let my teenage daughter walk late in the evening and she suddenly gets pregnant or is addicted to drugs, I will feel guilty. What should I do? Maybe I'm too domineering father?
    Between us, tell me honestly: do you really believe that your daughter can become pregnant, or take drugs only late at night? You know perfectly well that there is no logic in your words. “However, since you feel guilty, I advise you to speak frankly about this with your daughter. Share your experiences with her. Recognize also that your feeling
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