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Speaking and showing

Today I would like to start with a story (and show) of a story related to Microsoft. Last year, Microsoft representatives asked me and my colleague Chelsea * to help solve the problem of data visualization. Everyone who has ever used Microsoft Excel knows: spreadsheets are a great tool for collecting, comparing, and calculating data associated with huge amounts of data. Not surprisingly, many of the greatest spreadsheet experts at Microsoft work — after all, it was these people who invented Excel ** —and many of these wizards are part of a number group that feeds the company's solutions.
* Chelsea Hardaway is the author of the book Why Businessmen Speak Like Idiots (Moscow: Keeper, 2006), one of the best books on the issue of clarity of communication in business.
** In the conditions of the technological boom of the last thirty years, it may seem ridiculous, but the first version of Excel, created by Bill Gates, was designed to work exclusively on computers Apple Macintosh, appeared only a year earlier. These days it's hard to imagine.
This financial group invited us to Redmond, Washington. We Kbili are designed to help make financial information that has arisen in the analysis of spreadsheets more accessible and visual. In addition, customers wanted to figure out whether visual analysis methods would be faster and more intuitive.
From a tactical point of view, financiers asked us to help create a prototype for the upcoming conference. During this conference, participants had to deal with the future design of financial applications. Wonderful task!
The only problem was related to time: only a couple of months remained before the conference, and most of the time had to be spent on programming and testing prototypes. If you have ever had to develop programs (more precisely, something that someone else should use, be it a website, a map or a recipe), you know that the most correct approach is to understand what your potential partners already know. consumers. In the case of software products, this requires the collection of requirements (which takes several months), after which the program is tested by users for several months.
We did not have time to do everything right, so we acted differently. We invited twelve leading analysts from the financial group to the conference room and locked the doors. Standing in front of several huge writing boards with handles in hand, we announced that no one would be able to leave the room until we determined the list of the most frightening problems facing the spreadsheet developers.

And that's what we started drawing.
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Speaking and showing

    Day 4
  2. Indicators of fertility, mortality, natural population growth, morbidity, injuries, disability - show the intensity (level) of the phenomenon in the environment from which this phenomenon occurs
    In this area, the following indicators: number of births * 1000 175 * 1000 Birth rate = -------------------------- = -------- ----------- = 5.54 Population 31600 Number of deaths * 1000 459
  3. Problems that are not spoken out loud
    Men dream, and quite seriously, to have a perfect phallus. It is believed that this is physical evidence of their abilities as lovers, and causes admiration from the satisfied, understanding sense of intimacy, women. It seems to be a primitive question about male competence, but ... so it often happens. The phallus (penis) has always been considered a characteristic of masculinity if you want
  4. Novice walk says
    When you feed a baby that will soon be one year old, pay special attention to the words that you and your husband use when talking about breastfeeding. Be sure that what you say with him is something that you can live with when he speaks. “Blockhead, blockhead!” - may be acceptable at home, but it will confuse you in public. If you do not want everyone to know that your child is two years old
  5. Tell me why they say "fall madly in love with someone"?
    Wouldn't it be better to say “passionately fall in love”? Do you agree with me? I am rather a supporter of the expression of madly falling in love. When someone falls madly in love, he really becomes not himself, losing his mind and believing that his happiness completely depends on the object of adoration. It seems to him that he lives only when he is near his beloved person. He feels in seventh heaven, but
  6. Liz Burbo. Your body says “Love yourself!”, 2009

  7. I do not understand your theory. You say that you reap what they sow.
    Why does my spouse almost never listen to me, although I always listen to her when she talks about her affairs or problems? Do you really listen to what your spouse is saying, or maybe you are listening to your inner voice while she is speaking? Do not you criticize her to yourself in those moments, as she talks to you? Do you think about your answer while she speaks?
  8. Someone told me that breastfeeding prevents pregnancy, but maybe this is all just talking?
    Exclusive breastfeeding reduces the risk of you becoming pregnant. During the first six months, until you have menstruation and while you are fully breastfeeding day and night, you are 98% protected from pregnancy. This is tantamount to protection with other modern contraceptives. From the next section (“How is breastfeeding?”) You learn
  9. Breast refusal: baby says no
    Let's try to imagine what will happen if a cub of a mammal, for example, a bear, an elephant, a gorilla, suddenly takes it and thinks about sucking mother? The answer is simple: in nature, such a baby will not survive. Therefore, he does not suck his mother only in two cases: either he is weak and not viable, or trouble has happened to his mother, and his mother is no more. In all other cases, the cub sucks mother. So
  10. Earlier you said that you can breastfeed, even in cases where you have completely stopped such feeding. How to do it?
    Even if you stopped breastfeeding several months ago, you will probably be able to squeeze a drop of fluid from your chest. Your milk production system has not completely stopped. Resuming breastfeeding after you stop it is called relaxation. Women who have never given birth have fed foster babies, and this is called induced or induced
  11. My mother told me that inflammation of the nipples is always and that you just have to put up with it.
    Like many other women, your mother suffered in vain. Inflammation of the nipples can and should be prevented. In most cases, they are a sign of improper attachment to the chest. The baby sucks only the nipple, causing friction and causing harm, instead of sucking the breast in a wave-like action that cannot damage the nipple. Approximately 90% of problems are wrong.
  12. You have already said that feeling guilty is the greatest source of karma. What do you mean?
    Karma is a manifestation of the law of cause and effect. In accordance with this law, anyone reaps what he sows. Since this is a spiritual law, it acts only in relation to what has been sown from us, from our essence, and not in the external world. This means that we reap according to our motivation, and not according to the action or the word spoken. Everything
  13. People say that stress stops the release of milk, so how can we breastfeed in difficult times, full of stress?
    In societies where women never doubt their ability to breastfeed, mothers breastfed their children throughout the ages during famines and wars and saved their lives. In the same societies where artificial feeding has become widespread, and faith in breastfeeding has fallen, women are breastfed even less frequently during emergencies. Humanitarian workers,
  14. You say we reap what we sow.
    I do everything for my wife: every week I give her my salary, I always help her when she needs my help, I work with her housekeeping and children. In short, I consider myself an exemplary spouse. However, I ask myself the question: why is she so selfish? She does not do half of what I do to be loved. It seems to me that I always stand in her last place and that she is first and foremost
  15. You say that if a person does not want to be helped, then you should not force him. And what do you say about Jesus, who raised Lazarus and returned sight to the blind?
    Jesus was the best teacher that humankind knew in terms of responsibility, love, etc. He always shook those who asked for his help. Even when he healed people, he always added: “Let what you believe happen to you,” which means that the one who asked for his help was healed depending on what he believed. Jesus was just a mediator helping
  16. My husband has a panicky fear of being out of money. And this is despite the fact that he and I have a permanent job. What to do and what to say?
    Have you tried to just talk to him about what is bothering him? You asked him if he had any questions about this, did he think about it? Was his father afraid of losing money? If so, what did your husband, as a child, feel when you saw this fear of your father? He condemned the father? When we condemn our parents, we eventually become the same as them. It would be good to give
  17. Currently, I have a friend with whom we have been meeting for a year now, and I am ready to make a commitment to maintain long-term relations with him. But he says he is not ready, that he is afraid to make a commitment.
    You say we reap what we sow. Why does this happen to me, because I am the type of woman who easily makes a commitment? Moreover, this is not the first time for me. And it was difficult for other people to make a commitment to me. You have to ask yourself the following question: what motivates me so much to want to make a commitment? Maybe you this
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