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How to use the code visually thinking: and again about tea ware

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How to use the code visually thinking: and again about tea ware

  1. Putting it all together: code of visual thinking
    To see the places where the 6 x 6 rule and the SQVID are superimposed on each other, we will do what we always do to solve the “where” problem — create a scheme *. * Remember, the 6x6 rule says that for the “where” problem we draw the scheme, for the “when” problem the time line, etc. I hope it is already clear to you how these simple elements are interconnected. We can really use them.
  2. The stages of the process of visual thinking
    The most important thing in visual thinking is to develop not the skills of drawing, but the ability to look and see. 1. View Collect and filter information • Scan the overall picture • Determine the boundaries of the vision • Choose the initial course of action 2. See Select and group information • Filter by usefulness and importance • Categorize and organize •
  3. The rule of visual thinking "6 x 6"
    Each of the six ways to see corresponds to a certain way to convey ideas to the audience. This table shows and classifies all the graphics for problem solving. It allows you to compare the main 6W axes and the SQVID imagination activation tool. This code, as a multiplication table, helps to determine which pattern to use, depending on what its
  4. Quick Review: Visual thinking on a napkin
    Visual thinking on a napkin: we can solve your problems with pictures You will not need long explanations if you read “Visual thinking”. Now I am talking about the same, but in more detail and consistently. If you are not familiar with the previous book, then here - in brief - its main provisions. I believe that we can solve business problems (whatever they are),
  5. Unwritten rules of visual thinking
    For each day there is a main topic related to the things we are looking at. I call these topics "the four unwritten rules for visual problem solving." I use the word unwritten for two reasons. First of all, I never saw them written. And besides, they are so important that I do not want us to limit ourselves to simple recording. I want our brains to believe: we have chosen
  6. Roem Dan. The practice of visual thinking, 2013

  7. Roem Dan. The practice of visual thinking. Part II, 2013

  8. Roem Dan .. Visual thinking. Problem solving and selling ideas with pictures on a napkin, 2008

  9. How best to use this book
    1. Find your illness and read the explanation of its meaning (Best of all use the search (Edit-> Search) - Note of the e-book designer) 2. Remember or write down what concerns you or seemed to be the most important thing you read. 3. Carefully read the additional questions at the end of the book and answer them - this will allow you to more accurately determine the cause of the disease. 4. Slowly, carefully
  10. Intellect card as a method of creative thinking
    Intellect card is ideal as a method of creative thinking, because it uses all mental abilities associated with the process of creativity, especially imagination, association, and flexivity *. * Here is an attribute of thinking, synonymous of flexibility, adaptability, easy transition from previous views to new ones without loss of quality. - Approx. trans. In the psychological literature, especially in
    Thinking mapping as a tool for brain activity appeals to your intuitions and emotions. Take advantage of this: explore yourself, your desires, goals and abilities through personal
  12. How to develop creative thinking
    Creating effective systems and methods for stimulating intellectual and creative activity is one of the most notable achievements of the 20th century. At first, these techniques were developed to solve practical problems in the field of science, technology, and business. However, it turned out that they can also be successfully used to work with social and political problems. The most famous of these techniques is
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