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Short biology course

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Short biology course

  1. Medical College "Ayazhan." Pediatrics 2010 Short Course

    1. PLANTS 1.1. General acquaintance with flowering plants Flowering plant and its organs: root, shoot, shoot structure, stem, leaves, buds; flower - a modified shoot. Fruits and seeds, their adaptation to distribution in nature. Plant composition (organic and inorganic substances). 1.2. Cellular structure of the plant organism Acquaintance with magnifying
  4. Crib. General course of Neuropathology, 2011
    2 course. DNU them. Olesya Potter. Psychology faculty. Basic answers to questions included in the course.
  5. According to the materials of international student scientific conferences. Innovations of students in the field of veterinary medicine, biology, ecology and zootechny. Modern problems of commodity research, commodity consulting and examination of goods., 2010

  7. Introduction to the NOZ course
    Make every citizen an active participant. preservation of his own health, forming a responsible attitude to his health, accessibility of knowledge about the state of his health and knowledge of measures to strengthen it and prevent disease. Minister of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation TA Golikova Scientific and practical foundations of health as an educational
  8. Keep the accepted course
    I don’t think I’ve revealed the secret to you, saying that normal weight depends on how many calories you got from food and how much energy you spent. You can stick to any diet you like. Or, based on the principles of proper nutrition, come up with your own. You can impose leeches. Or dance. If you really decide to lose weight, then the rhythm and content of your life
  9. Four day course
    The book is built in the form of a four-day course on visual problem solving. My approach is to consistently use images. Thanks to them, we are moving from a self-image, expressed by the words “I can’t draw,” to another: “This is the picture I’ve painted, which I think can change the world.” Why do I need four days? For two reasons: first of all, experience
  10. Lectures. History of Pharmacy: a course of lectures and a collection of practical problems, 2009
    The course of lectures is presented under the special secondary education system. Contains material on the course "History of Pharmacy". Methodical development is accompanied by material for practical tasks on
  11. Operative Surgery 3 course, 6 semester
    Operative surgery 3 course, 6
  12. Operative Surgery 4 course, 7 semester
    Operational surgery 4 course, 7
  13. General Surgery 4 course, 8 semester
    General Surgery 4 course, 8
  14. Private surgery 5 course, 9 semester
    Private surgery 5 course, 9
  15. Operative Surgery 6 semester, 3 course
    Operative Surgery 6 semester, 3
  16. General Surgery 8 semester, 4 course
    General Surgery 8 semester, 4
  17. Private surgery 9 semester, 5 course
    Private Surgery 9 semester, 5
  18. Lectures. Course of lectures on Valeology, 2008
    Voronezh, VIRT, Department of Pedagogy. Specialty 100200 "Tourism". Lectures, quizzes, literature. Valeology - a set of knowledge in their practical application of the physical, mental and moral health of a person when interacting with the environment; about the preservation and strengthening of health from the moment of birth to a very old age, the prevention of disease, about returning to
  19. B.N. Chumakov. Valeology Course of lectures, 2000
    The manual "Valeology" includes 16 lectures, which reflect the numerous theoretical and practical non-traditional factors affecting human health. The book analyzes in detail the data on social medicine, physiology, motor activity, nutrition, mental hygiene. We consider the issues of intimate relationships, culture of communication in the home, school and work. ABC
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