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My sister has breast cancer, already has metastases. She was treated by a medicine man, went to prayer sessions, etc. At present, she says that she is giving herself into the hands of GOD and is gradually preparing for death. She has two children of nine and fifteen. What can I do as a sister?

Your sister, apparently, has already made her choice. If she made a decision, it is important that you respect him. However, I see that you want to come to her aid, since it is difficult for you to accept her death. It’s important for you to clarify what is hard for you to accept. What do you feel in the shower?
The next time you go to her, share your doubts with her, tell her that you have great difficulty believing that her decision to die is the right one. Ask her how she feels after her decision. By asking her questions, you can determine whether she really accepts herself in her choice. If she does not accept herself, then she runs the risk of dying with the feeling that she leaves a part of herself and, therefore, will feel guilty. If this is really the case, then in the future she will regret it, because, acting in this way, she accumulates karma in herself.
Ask her also how she feels at the thought that over time her children will only have vague memories of her and that someone else will replace her in the role of mother.
It is important to be able to openly tell her about it, because this can help her to carry out internal work and to better understand the consequences of her decision. Accept her answers, whatever they are. Do not try to control her or impose your personal preferences or beliefs on her - for example, that she is too young to die, that her children are too young to leave them, etc. These are your beliefs, and they belong only to you. You are responsible for the ability to love your sister, even if her choice makes you sad.
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My sister has breast cancer, already has metastases. She was treated by a healer, went to prayer sessions, etc. Currently, she says that she is giving herself into the hands of GOD and is gradually preparing for death. She has two children of nine and fifteen. What can I do as a sister?

  1. At present, I have a friend whom we have been dating for a year, and I am ready to make a commitment to maintain relations with him on a long-term basis. But he says that he’s not ready, that he’s afraid to make a commitment.
    You say that we reap what we sow. Why is this happening to me, because I am the type of woman who easily makes a commitment? Moreover, this is not the first time this has happened to me. And it was difficult for other people to make a commitment to me. You have to ask yourself the following question: what makes me want so much to make a commitment? Maybe you are this
  2. I would like to know what I can learn from my mother. It makes me experience emotions - in the sense that it always contradicts me. She is negatively inclined and always says that I will not be able to achieve success in the business I have begun.
    Judging by your question, I see that you blame your mother for your own emotions. I emphasize once again that a person cannot be held responsible for anyone's emotions. Only you are responsible for your emotions, that is, for your reaction to the words or deeds of your mother. You may not agree with what she tells you, but it’s important that you feel that she is acting like her
  3. How can I become indifferent to the suffering of my ex-spouse without feeling guilty? Currently, she is ill with cancer and, moreover, is experiencing severe mental suffering.
    Nobody demands indifference from you. You can feel empathy for someone without living emotions. You can be sensitive, not succumbing to emotions. The suffering of your ex-wife belongs to her, and she alone knows why she is experiencing this suffering. She may not be fully aware of this, but nonetheless internal work is going on. Are you afraid to feel guilty
  4. As a mother, I feel responsible for feeding the children well, because I believe that they are still too small to take care of their own health. I have three children aged four to nine years. Do not you think that this responsibility lies with me?
    You are not directly responsible for the health of your children. As a mother, you should be responsible for the consequences of giving birth to children - that is, to monitor their material needs, to help them learn, to transfer their knowledge to them, to give them love, and all this to the extent that you can do. On the other hand, you cannot know in advance what the results will be. You can cook the most
  5. You have already said that feeling guilty is the greatest source of karma. What do you mean?
    Karma is a manifestation of the law of cause and effect. In accordance with this law, anyone reaps what he sows. Since this is a spiritual law, it only applies to what was sown from us, from our essence, and not in the outside world. This means that we reap according to our motivation, and not depending on the action or the spoken word. All
  6. For more than a year now, my mother has been lying in a psychiatric institute waiting for placement in a medical institution. Since I am the only person through whom she communicates with the outside world, I feel obligated to take care of her. Apart from the trust that she gives me, what gift can I get from this situation? Our relations have never been close, practically they simply do not exist.
    As for the gift, a hint about it is contained in your question. This is an ideal case to get close to your mother. However, how do you experience a sense of obligation towards her? Do you care for her from a pure heart? Would you feel guilty if you didn’t? No child owes his parents and vice versa. However, bonds between parents and children provide
  7. I believe that giving birth to children is a big responsibility. It can even be called a lifetime contract. When I think I can hurt them, I feel bad. What do I need to do to think differently?
    Change your beliefs. Firstly, when you decide to have a baby, you should not think that you are responsible for his happiness. Your first motivation should be the desire to enable the soul to return in order to be embodied. It is a gift of self. Then, to continue your growth, you must learn to love this soul that has chosen you. Having a baby is
  8. I convince myself that I am not leaving my husband just because he will disappear without me. Is this not stupid of me?
    Your husband, perhaps, will disappear without you, and you yourself thought about the fact that it would not be easy for you without him? Apparently, he is very dependent on you. It is possible that you are both interdependent. I can assume that you like to play the role of a mother in your relationship with him. When you are fully aware of your own addiction, sit down and calmly talk to him. Plan this conversation on
  9. What happens to a person if he is guilty, but does not realize himself in this report and does not consider himself guilty? Will he be punished? Will he reap what he sowed?
    Laws apply to everyone regardless of whether we believe in them or not. For example, if someone passes a red light and tells the policeman that he is not aware of the law or that he does not believe in him, this dzhigit will still get a fine. The situation is exactly the same with spiritual laws - the law of karma or the law of cause and effect. If a person knows that he is breaking the law, and yet consciously
  10. I had a lover for a short time, and I feel guilty for not renewing the relationship with his wife. I feel guilty for everything that was destroyed. How can I free myself from this guilt?
    The relationship between your former lover and his wife does not concern you in any way. What happens between them has nothing to do with you. But, based on your scale of values, you tell yourself that it is not good to have a relationship with a married man. You must choose one of two things: either make sure that this does not happen again, because you feel guilty, or change your
  11. When I openly tell my husband how I feel about some of his actions, he listens to me, and then calmly answers that no one has the right to interfere in his personal life, that he is who he is and cannot change.
    He believes that I should not take everything so close to my heart and that I should take care of my well-being myself. How should I be in this situation? Your husband, of course, is right in one thing: this is his personal life and he is not obliged to report to anyone other than himself. On the other hand, I cannot agree with his statement that he cannot change. Everyone can change for the better if
  12. My wife goes to work. She never loved doing household chores, I know that and always knew that. I also go to work. Since we got married, maintaining order in the house constantly falls on me. It starts to bother me. We both go to work, and how can I explain to her that for the maintenance of cleanliness in the house she bears the same responsibility as I do?
    Did you make a clear commitment before deciding to live together? Maybe you made a commitment to do household chores by telling her, for example: “No problem. Will I do this? And now you are responsible for the consequences of your decision. However, if at present it has become too difficult for you, you must tell your spouse about it. Ask her
  13. How to help a person who is going to get a divorce not feel guilty? This is a man who has been married for fifteen years and has two children of eight and fifteen years old.
    First of all, did this person turn to you for help? This is the most important point that should be checked for any form of assistance relationship. You must also understand that only he himself can truly help himself. His guilt comes from his mental perception. He must choose whether he still wants to feel guilty or if he wants to
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