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Setting up the equalizer for work, part II: project manager

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Setting up the equalizer for work, part II: project manager

  1. Setting up the equalizer for work, part V: board
    Background So you did a great job - your initiative received support throughout the company. Marge is so delighted with your ability to use pictures to find a consensus that she asks you to make a presentation for the board next month. The task is to adjust the equalizer to the pictures that you will show the board. (Remember, at stake is the future of your company, your
  2. Adjusting the equalizer for work, part III: finance
    Baseline You convinced Bob to support you. Now you need to get Mary from the finance department to think about the money side of your idea. Task Set up an equalizer for the picture that Mary will show from the finance department. Complete the equalizer settings for a picture designed for Mary from the financial
  3. Setting up the equalizer for work, part IV: production line
    Baseline Marge, Bob and Mary like your idea. You have management support, a development plan and some amount of money. Congratulations! You have a promising initiative. Now you have to tell your ideas to Steve, the manager of the production line. And if he does not like your initiative, you can put a cross on it. Task Set up an equalizer for
  4. Setting up an equalizer for work, part I: director
    Let's take a closer look at this EQ model and see where it takes us. In the next scenario, I want you to think about what position all the SQVID EQ sliders would put. (Remember: the goal is to get into the heads of the audience, so we have to create an image that she will probably want to look at.) Baseline data We are part of a group on
  5. Stage 4. Drafting a non-sexist anthology for children's reading and development of recommendations on the use of gender-stereotypical works
    According to the results of the gender analysis of fiction, students are convinced of the fact that sexist biases and role models that are not always consonant with the realities of modern society are widely used in texts. From this it is concluded that this type of art is conservative, which offers the Procrustean bed of outdated gender standards, and the need for a new
  6. Recommended composition and content of the “Draft standards for maximum permissible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere (MPE) for an enterprise”
    “The draft standards for maximum permissible emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere (MPE) for an enterprise” should include the following sections: - Title page. - Information about the developer and the list of artists. - Abstract. - Content. -
  7. Training manager
    A training manager is a person who is engaged in vocational training and development of personnel within an organization. The tasks of the training manager include conducting in-house staff training on specially designed programs, plus monitoring external training and programs that are offered on the external market. How does the training manager work? In his work, the coach uses
  8. Equalizer: how to see what is happening through the eyes of the audience
    Now we are going to use the SQVID again, but in a completely different way. Instead of running through five questions and coming up with various ideas, we use this method as a graphic equalizer. We will move the virtual sliders up and down for each question until we find the settings that make our picture as accessible as possible and suitable for those we want it to be.
  9. Palchun V.T., Kryukov A.I., Otorhinolaryngology: A Guide for Doctors. Part 2, 2002

  10. Palchun V.T., Kryukov A.I., Otorhinolaryngology: A Guide for Doctors. Part 1, 2000

  11. Part 1. Educating children and families to achieve partnerships in overcoming illness.
    With the help of a doctor, nursing staff or other people involved in the health of patients with asthma, the child and his family can be actively involved in the treatment of the disease in order to eliminate the problems associated with it and make life productive and physically active. The following information should be provided to the child and his family: • how to eliminate or reduce the impact of risk factors;
  12. Equalizer Settings Overview
    I hope that the essence of the last exercise is clear to you: the initial sketch created during lunch may contain a truly breakthrough idea. However, perhaps you should not immediately wave the napkin in the air, but instead think about who we will show it to and what our audience will see. In such situations, there are no absolutely correct answers. CEOs, prime ministers,
    Intelligence. The most common effect of mutual compensation of personal and intellectual qualities. For a long time all over the world, and not only in our country, the absolutization of the role and place of intellectual qualities in professional activity has been and is happening. There are no objections about the special role of intelligence in the activities of a scientist, leader, manager. But still
    We present the results obtained sequentially using the example of the Cattell test and the MMPI. The Cattell test consists of 16 basic scales. Each scale has its own designation and interpretation. A full interpretation of the contrasting values ​​of the scales is presented in the corresponding annex. A shorter interpretation of the scales is as follows: {foto72} This allows you to more reasonably represent
  15. Manage projects
    The topic of projects is considered at the end of this chapter not accidentally, but deliberately, since everything that you read at the beginning of it can be used in projects. What characterizes projects? Projects are extensive planning tasks. Depending on the type of activity in an enterprise or organization, projects may differ in such features as: • clarity of content and
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