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A little bit about the pictures of the world

There is such an abbreviation on the pages of this book - PKM, that is, A FAMILIARY PICTURE OF THE WORLD. This term is used in many philosophical, psychological, esoteric schools.
In my opinion, the easiest way to explain this from the position of Map - Territory.
There is our Earth - Territory - a huge geo-bio-energy-informational complex, living by its own laws and rules.
Each of us has our own system of beliefs - the Territory Map. We create it from the first day of our life in order to navigate in time-space-relations. And as we all differ, our Maps are the same different - Ideas about the world.
The map of the territory of the child includes all the sandboxes, a toy store, a kiosk with ice cream and a lollipop, a lawn where a large dog walks, the way to the grandmother and the kindergarten. There are no banks, parking lots, restaurants, house management, boutiques and a lot of boring things.
Like the Criminal Card, it includes symbols that are not on other cards, for example, a police post, a prison, a departure route through the courtyards, the address of the stolen buyer, the thieves raspberry - open any detective story and try to draw such a map yourself.
Trace the map of the same territory, but it will be made for a housewife childless: yes, she will not remember where the sandbox is, but it will tell you exactly where to look for a locksmith, and where it is better to buy bread. And in which savings bank less parody. And which path is better to go out in the winter from the yard, so as not to slip.
Or build a map of your dog's territory - this is an exciting activity!
In order to understand each other, we build a Common Territory Map, a set of concepts and laws, with which more or less everyone agrees. This includes thousands and thousands of generally accepted truths, which are not necessarily true. Until Copernicus, the earth was flat and not twisted. Until someone was microbes, but there were miasms.
In the past century, sugar was useful, in this it is harmful. Until May 2003, the human aura was indulgently kicked by physicists, but the Petersburg scientists managed to fix it and measure it, and now the aura is a scientific fact. That is, fit into the Map of scientific physicists. And if the following physicists prove that auras actually do not exist, this concept will again be erased from the Habitual Picture of the World of scientific physicists.
That is, even the Common Map is not a constant truth. And pay attention, who changes this Card - and the one who doubted its truth changes it!
What is the result? Doubt and was right?
It turns out that way. This method has made many discoveries in science.
PKM is the sum of impressions and beliefs with which you perceive the world. Most often these are unverified facts of yours, you just took someone’s word for it or someone's authority has convinced you. Mom said - in the ground microbes. Dad said - from food - power. The teacher said - there is no magic. They did not come up with it themselves - someone told them about it too. And they also did not check - they just believed and accepted it as an immutable rule.
And Someone who produces jeans, said that they are always in fashion ... Not that he knows better - he is so profitable ...
PCM is a collection of such rules.
“The trouble is that every stamp is sticky, intrusive. He eats into the artist like rust. Once having found a loophole for himself, he penetrates further, multiplies and seeks to cover all the places of the role and all parts of the acting visual apparatus. The stamp fills every empty part of the role that is not filled with a lively feeling, and is firmly established there. Moreover, very often, he jumps forward to the awakening of feelings and blocks his path, so the actor has to vigilantly protect himself from the services of an annoying stamp. ”

There are a lot of fairy tales in which we somehow believe recklessly. For example, a fairy tale about a white monkey, remember: "... Think about everything, about anything, just do not think about a white monkey!". And the man supposedly couldn’t think about anything but that monkey. Have you checked if it works? I am still in my childhood, when I only heard a fairy tale, I checked it - it does not work. You can easily distract yourself and not just think about a monkey, but you can forbid yourself to think at all - it even turns out to be interesting - like a game: only any thought crawls out, and you start to think it in reverse order - you can say words on the contrary - and the thought wonders her appeal crawls away. Then another gets out, but more slowly and says: “And if ...”, and I told her: “If A ...”, and she also hides. What kind of white monkey here!
You start thinking of a white monkey only if you control yourself: do I not think about what is forbidden? And if you are distracted by other thoughts, you don’t remember this monkey!
But we agree with our head when we hear about the inevitability of thoughts, that there are no miracles, that self-treatment is dangerous, that only long, hard work can accomplish anything, although very often we have examples , how people achieve their playfully, with pleasure, or simply gifts of heaven are happening ...
So the wizards questioned the approval of the Habit Map, which states that there is no magic.

And they proved that it happens! At every step the magic!
But - on one condition: when the habitual World Map - PKM we change to the Magic World Map - VKM.
And in the Magic World Map there is everything - and magic as well!
The PCM of each individual includes whole blocks of fragments of common, or rather, common world maps. And in these blocks it is written almost in the first lines: MAGIC WILL NOT BE! Admit it, this phrase you hear from childhood. And they believed that there was no magic. This means that you have entered these words in your map of the world as a law: MAGIC WILL NOT HAPPEN!
And since then, they didn’t try to check whether there is magic and what it feels like, but when you change the Familiar World Map to the Magic, then that's where you write in the first line in large, huge letters:
And from this point on everything turns out like magic! And your neighbor in the world who does not believe in a miracle says, shrugging his shoulders: “Coincidence!”
And another time: “Ego is just self-hypnosis!”
And the third time: "Yes, you just got lucky!"

And for the fourth time, shy and picking the sandal with the toe of the sandal, he says to you, catching you by the sleeve somewhere in the corridor: “Hear me, I'm all about problems ...” (Here, the firmness of his world map has been shaken!)
But do not rejoice ahead of time: when you help him, he will surely declare that this is just another coincidence, that you have nothing to do with it, that everything would have happened, and there is no magic.
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A little bit about the pictures of the world

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