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I am breathing. I go. I say. I think.
I don’t think about these things; Why should I think about thinking?
The process of thinking occurs naturally, you learn it in the process of development. Smart people do not need to learn thinking in order to think. Others will not be able to think, no matter how hard they try. What is wrong with this view?

Since thinking is a fundamental human skill.
Since thinking skills determine your happiness and success in life.
Since you need to think in order to make plans, take the initiative, solve problems, open up opportunities and develop an action plan for the future.
Since without the ability to think, you are not able to control your destiny and resemble a cork, limply floating with the flow.

Since the process of thinking is very exciting and fun - if you know how to make it that way.
Because thinking and mind are two different things. The mind can be compared with the power of the machine, and thinking - with the skill of the driver. Often, very intelligent people have poor thinking skills, thereby driving themselves into an “intellectual trap.” And many are far from being the smartest people who managed to develop their thinking skills to a very high level.
Since thinking is a skill that can be acquired, trained and developed. But you should have a desire to develop this skill, just like learning to drive a bicycle or a car.
Since traditional education in school and university teaches only one aspect of thinking.
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  1. Part 6: Why
    Our brain is not satisfied with the knowledge of what exactly is in front of us, in what quantity, where exactly, when this or that event occurs and how objects interact with each other. Cause and effect - things are certainly important, but in fact our brain wants to know the answer to the question "why." Why does one happen and not another? Why does something happen time after time, and something -
  2. Picture 6: “why” - scientific schedule
    So, we have come to the last and rather large question. “Why” is the universal key to solve problems. If we can answer the question “why” (why something works in a certain way, why one event happens and not another, why some things seem inevitable), then we can consider a significant part of our problem solved. Perhaps the details of the solution are not clear, however
    In the early days of breastfeeding, there may be a desire to drop it all and grab onto the bottle. You can be encouraged to do so by the advice of people who believe that artificial nutrition is easier and even as high-quality as possible. Or you may be worried that you are “the wrong plan” mom who can successfully breastfeed. However, when you understand the benefits of breastfeeding
  4. Why do mothers need help
    You can often hear the words: "Breastfeeding is natural - why should women help in this?" Of course, some mothers are lucky. They feed their babies without any difficulty. But many women need help from the outset — especially with first-born children, and also if they are very young. Many women need help to continue breastfeeding, especially if they work outside the home,
  5. Your pictures "why." Theme and Variations
    I. Simple Truth Draw a simple “pretty good” portrait showing why visual thinking is a powerful way to solve problems. My decision is given in the appendix on p. 374. 2. Scientific scheme Create a simple multi-factor scheme that can illustrate one or two connections between the following data sets: the proportion of participants in a typical business meeting,
  6. Why donkey called a donkey?
    Stone, picked out of reusable public chewing gum! And really, why donkey called a donkey? Yes, it is for stupidity and stubbornness. If you tie him with a small rope to a small bush, after some time, when thirst and hunger declare themselves, they begin to reach towards the source: “I want to eat, I want to drink. »Deep pits form under the hooves. And so it will be
    Being engaged in the use of hemlock venom to cure cancer, V.V. Tishchenko did not forget about other poisons: ASD fractions, solanine, copper sulphate, mercuric chloride, poison of amanita mushrooms. The red fly agaric, for example, is widely known for its virulence. This attracted the attention of V. V. Tishchenko: “If we talk about poisons, then why not recall the fly-agaric? Use white and red amanita. Three-liter bottle tight
  8. Why persist?
    Children with special needs, and who are breastfed, place additional demands on the mother. Family, friends, or even doctors may wonder why a mother persists in expressing milk regularly, working with the baby on the breast, which takes a lot of time and seems to cause even more stress. They can convince her to stop breastfeeding. Artificial feeding
  9. Why do children wake up
    To understand why babies wake up often at night, it is necessary to know the basic principles of infant sleep. There are two main stages of sleep: light and deep. For smaller babies, the duration of light sleep is higher in percentage terms. During the night, children go from a light sleep to a deep one and back to a light sleep; in the process of transition from one sleep stage to another, there is a vulnerable period during which they
  10. Why did the armor lose
    Many are accustomed to seeing on television screens in reports from Chechnya soldiers riding on armored personnel carriers, as they say, "on armor." But it is absurd to sit on the roofs of armored vehicles, inside which are specially equipped cabins for the transport of soldiers under the protection of armored walls. Inside - soft seats. On the roof of the soldier is tough, there is nothing to hold on to, and he is an open target not only for militants,
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