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Look, Mom, no Excel!

I'm sure that you did not create the schedule for the first time, but I'm ready to bet that I did it for the first time without the help of a computer *. Of course, we started with a spreadsheet created on the computer, but did not use anything in the work. Why? The fact is that if we allow the machine to make decisions about a coordinate system - a critical part in the process of creating a meaningful graph - then we deprive ourselves of the possibility of active vision.
* I built the whole book so that you could study and perform each exercise with just a pen and paper. This is done quite deliberately, and on the last day of our work I will explain in detail why.
Of course, Excel and other programs for working with spreadsheets have excellent built-in functions for creating graphs, allowing you to quickly and accurately create and modify huge tables. However, I hope that from this exercise you will see: in the plotting of data on the field of the graph there is nothing complicated. Of course, a computer is needed to make the chart more beautiful or to make calculations, but the most difficult part in creating an instructive picture is to find out what in principle they need to tell us the data and whether we use the correct coordinates for comparison. The process of trial and error requires an active and intelligent look. No program can do this. This is possible only for man.
Data to Look at
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Subject Unit 1970, 1990, USD 2007, USD Growth
Education in a university (state) Year 688.00 1908.00 6185.00 9.0
Education in university (private) Year 2958.00 9340,00 23 712.00 8.0
Medicines (prescription) Month 11.37 33.59 68.26 6.0
New family house House 55 700.00 112 900.00 247 900.00 4,5
New car Car 6470.00 15 900.00 28 800.00 4,5
Petrol Gallon 0.67 1.16 2.80 4.2
Consumer Price Index (total) CPI-U 65.20 130.60 207.30 3.2
Movie ticket Ticket 2.34 4.22 6.88 2.9
The price of a postal item of 1 class Make 0,15 0.25 0.42 2.8
Whole milk Gallon 1.05 2.27 3.76 2.5
Chicken eggs Dozen 0.82 1.01 1.68
Flight (domestic) Mile 7.49 10.83 12.71 1.7
Flight (international) Mile 8.49 13.43 12.98 1.5

Active vision turns this ...

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Look, Mom, no Excel!

  1. Creating Excel charts
    Diagrams are a means of visualizing data and facilitate the implementation of comparisons, the definition of patterns and the identification of data trends. For example, instead of analyzing several columns of numbers on a sheet, you can look at the diagram to find out whether the sales volumes per quarter are falling or growing, or how the actual sales volumes are correlated with the planned sales. The Excel chart is a graphic
  2. The Universal Review Contest "Genius in Every Family"
    Attention! Attention! Since 2006, the Creative Laboratory "World Wizards" together with the Academy of Magic hosts an international unprecedented cultural action - the Universal Review Competition "GENIUS TO EVERY FAMILY". Contestants accept voluntary participation and receive the title of GENIUS in the following nominations: BUSINESS AND CAREER DRIVER-WIZARD WIZARD-UNIVERSAL EDUCATION
  3. Prospective categories of the contest
    The talented leader The super-specialist The client's dream The management genius The best business strategist Conducting negotiations and concluding contracts The firm's support The landslide-cache Master of speeds The master of the motor cycles The motorist The traffic police caster The overclocking of congestion and congestion Orientation in the field Figure skating Schumacher The children's friend The master of suggestions Meowgli is the master of cats Doctor
  5. Varieties of Excel charts
    Variety of diagrams
  6. Principle No. 1. No revolutions
    Do not strive for quick results. As practice shows, they are not useful and persistent. At first, it's normal to drop one kilogram a week, then a half a kilogram. Under a categorical prohibition, complete starvation. The fact is that it is a huge stress for the body. After a person stops starving, the body will surely pick up and remove everything that he did not receive earlier.
  7. What will happen, if only write a treatise, and no action is taken
    It is very likely that nothing will happen. You write written, but did not play, and the universe can perceive this as a deferred action. That is, when the hour of X comes, then we will do everything that was planned. But it will not come, we will not do it. But it also happens that your intention to change something in your life is so clear and strong that the desired begins to be performed right in the process of writing.
  8. There is no danger in losing weight
    Many fear that fasting can lead to tuberculosis. It is believed that losing weight means the susceptibility (vulnerability) of this "illness." But this fear is groundless and is based on a false viewpoint.The hunch for tuberculosis is not the cause of the disease but the result.Loss of weight is important for recovery from an "acute" illness, and nature provides that such a patient
  9. Disconnect the diagram from the data range.
    Above (when talking about the axis settings in the "Axis Format" window), we already talked about the "Link to Source" option on the "Number" tab of this window. Here it is necessary to say something else: when you disconnect all links to the source in the diagram, you can get a diagram that has no links to the worksheet data, but exists as if by itself (the "dead diagram"), separately. This diagram is not afraid
  10. Notes
    1. See note 1 to the third lecture. 2. Now we know much more about the conditions that affect the course of children's mourning. See notes 4 and 5 for the third lecture. 3. See the book of Glick, Weiss and Parkes
  11. Chart structure (chart elements)
    The story of working with diagrams begins with the fact that we return to the beginning of the previous section and recall the structure of the data representation in the diagram. So, the data representation on the diagram has its own structure. It consists of a data marker, basic lines, category names, names of chart series, and legends. And what is the structure of the diagram itself? All variety of kinds of diagrams Excel has one and
  12. Editing a chart
    The Excel chart changes the appearance and thickness of any line, its color and style, as well as the style of the markers. In addition, you can freely change the font, style, height of the symbol, text and other parameters of any text element of the chart - from headers to elements of legends and labels of axes. The data ranges on which the chart is plotted can be changed (added or deleted at will of the user by any
  13. P.S
    The defended approach was adopted with considerable success by Mary Salter Ainsworth, many of whose publications are listed in the literature list on pages 161-162, and by Nicholas Blurton Johnson (1972). Concerning the modern description of ethological concepts and discoveries with respect to man, see the work of Hinde (1974). Notes 1. In the original version, I used the
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