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I always thought that the appearance, appearance of a person does not matter, that the main thing in a person is his inner beauty.

Recently I met a man who I really like, but to reconcile with his appearance is beyond my strength. I don’t know what to do. How to relate to him?
You thought that appearance does not matter, because you yourself wanted to convince yourself of this. Now you understand that you were not sincere with yourself. If you are convinced that the appearance of a person is important to you, then simply agree with this. Agree and that one side of your being attaches importance to the appearance of a person. You believe in it, and it is important for you.
It is no coincidence that you met a man whose appearance you do not like. This provokes a negative attitude in you, and you appeal to that side of your "I", which attaches great importance to the appearance of a person.
Allow yourself to consider that appearance is important, and as soon as you do this, talk about it with your man. Tell him that you understand that appearance is more important to you than you previously thought.
Ask how he relates to this. If you really are not able to accept his appearance, then you have a choice: either he goes towards you and changes his appearance, or you accept his current appearance, but watch your own, sticking to your tastes. However, allow yourself at least occasionally some negligence in appearance.
Agree that for others it is not as important as for you. If it’s really unpleasant for you to be near a man whose appearance does not suit you, then no one is imposing this on you. Remember, however, that sooner or later you will have to solve this problem.
In the meantime, work on yourself - try to develop a certain tolerance in yourself. Be less demanding of yourself, do not assume that everyone thinks the same way you do, and that people will judge you by your appearance.
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I always believed that the appearance, appearance of a person does not matter, that the main thing in a person is his inner beauty.

  1. I would like to know what I can learn from my mother. It makes me experience emotions - in the sense that it always contradicts me. She is negatively inclined and always says that I will not be able to achieve success in the business I have begun.
    Judging by your question, I see that you blame your mother for your own emotions. I emphasize once again that a person cannot be held responsible for anyone's emotions. Only you are responsible for your emotions, that is, for your reaction to the words or deeds of your mother. You may not agree with what she tells you, but it’s important that you feel that she is acting like her
  2. My mother told me that nipple inflammation always happens and that you just have to put up with it.
    Like many other women, your mother suffered in vain. Inflammation of the nipples can and should be prevented. In most cases, they are a sign of improper attachment to the chest. The baby sucks only the nipple, causing friction and causing harm, instead of sucking the breast in a wavy action that cannot damage the nipple. Approximately 90% of problems are caused by incorrect
  3. When I openly tell my husband how I feel about some of his actions, he listens to me, and then calmly answers that no one has the right to interfere in his personal life, that he is who he is and cannot change.
    He believes that I should not take everything so close to my heart and that I should take care of my well-being myself. How should I be in this situation? Your husband, of course, is right in one thing: this is his personal life and he is not obliged to report to anyone other than himself. On the other hand, I cannot agree with his statement that he cannot change. Everyone can change for the better if
  4. Product color, its appearance
    An assessment of the skin-scaly cover: transparency and color of mucus, skin color, mechanical damage, flattened scales. Fresh fish has mucus that is clear and colorless. With a decrease in the degree of freshness, the mucus becomes cloudy and stains, depending on the type of fish and the stage of loss of freshness, in whitish, milk, cream, yellow, gray-brown and other colors. Natural silver color
  5. You say that the person does not want to be helped, then you should not force him. What can you say about Jesus, who raised Lazarus and restored sight to the blind?
    Jesus was the best teacher mankind knew in terms of responsibility, love, etc. He always shook those who asked for his help. Even when he healed people, he always added: “Let what you believe happen to you”, which means that the one who asked for his help was healed, depending on what he believed. Jesus was just an intermediary helping
  6. Any breastfeeding mother who thinks she has a cold may have mastitis.
    FOR PROFESSIONALS: HOW YOU CAN HELP Most mothers are now breastfeeding in a variety of circumstances, and they need the support of experienced professionals such as nursing nurses, pediatricians, family practitioners and medical assistants. We give tips on how you can help them. 1. Believe in breastfeeding. Faith is contagious. More you
  7. It’s hard for me to accept the idea that we choose our parents. I read about this in your first book and I must admit to you that I still can’t understand this. I am an adopted child and I always want to see my real mother. Why did I choose a mother who decided to leave me?
    To learn to love despite being abandoned. Since we always reap what we sow, an abandoned child is usually a soul who somehow abandoned her child in her previous life. Apparently, this is your case. Forgiving your biological mother that she left you, you automatically forgive yourself. To do this, you need an open heart, a lot
  8. How can you say that everything that happens to us is caused by an internal cause? I stopped at a red light, and at that time another car hit me from behind. How can I be the cause of this?
    At present, due to our great lack of awareness, it is very difficult to know exactly the internal cause of each accident (or consequence) in our external world. Take an example of your accident. Even if your awareness is not enough to remember what you were thinking about at the time of the accident, or to understand the cause of the accident. I suggest you start your own investigation, starting from
  9. My wife is sure that she is always right in everything.
    She does not seek to improve our relations, does not listen to my advice and does not approve of my actions. Is it possible to live on like this without feeling offended? It’s just that your spouse is used to expressing aloud what you prefer to keep quiet. Are you fully aware of your own responsibility for the happiness and failure of the family? You try to get married and take on
  10. My husband has a panic fear of being without money. And this despite the fact that he and I have a permanent job. What to do and what to tell him?
    Have you tried just talking to him about what's bothering him? You asked him if he had any questions about this, did he think about it? Was his father afraid to be left without money? If so, what did your husband as a child feel when he saw this fear of his father? Did he judge the father? When we condemn our parents, we ultimately become just like them. It would be nice to give
    Olga Korotonozhkina expert AB RUI, veterinarian The cat is very prolific. At 8 - 10 months she can already bring the first offspring. Two, three and even four times a year, she is able to give birth to kittens, an average of five in each litter. After a year, the young generation is also involved in the process of procreation. American scientists have calculated that one cat and all its offspring in seven years can produce
  12. I always keep my promises, and it’s very difficult for me to accept that others do not keep their word.
    This often happens: my children promise to clean up after themselves and leave home without doing this; or my husband promises to go shopping instead of me and forgets to do it. I often find myself in a situation where others do not keep my word. Why is this happening to me? You say that you always keep your promises. Maybe there are times when you don’t do it, but don’t realize it.
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