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Klyuchareva A.A. et al. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of liver diseases in children (Manual for Practitioners) 2001
The paper presents modern data on the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of liver diseases in children. Schemes for the interpretation of specific laboratory markers of the VG, examination algorithms for the differential diagnosis of neonatal liver lesions are presented.
Methodical recommendations for the WHO European Region with special emphasis on the republics of the former Soviet Union Feeding and nutrition of infants and young children. Book 1 2001
The World Health Organization was established in 1948 as a specialized agency of the United Nations, which provides leadership and coordination in addressing international health problems and protecting public health. One of the statutory functions of WHO is to provide objective and reliable information and advice on health issues, and this duty is carried out in part through its publications. Through its publications, the Organization seeks to support the implementation of public health strategies in countries and help address the most urgent and urgent public health problems.
Methodical recommendations for the WHO European Region with special emphasis on the republics of the former Soviet Union Feeding and nutrition of infants and young children. Book 2 2001
Appropriate feeding practices can prevent malnutrition and delayed growth in early childhood, still characteristic of parts of the WHO European Region, particularly those in the Soviet Union. And yet, despite the importance of feeding and feeding methods in infancy and early childhood, the need for guidelines and recommendations based on evidence-based evidence has not been given enough attention. This publication provides a scientific justification for the development at the country level of recommendations for nutrition and feeding from birth to three years of age. The information provided in the publication should help specialists in countries develop or update current nutritional recommendations in their countries. The publication can be of great interest for ministries of health, pediatricians, nutritionists and nutrition specialists, as well as for public health professionals and other professionals who face problems with children's nutrition and health.
World Health Organization Feeding infants 1997
Prepared for the Policy Development Program in Nutrition, Infant Feeding and Food Security, Lifestyle and Health Division, European Regional Office. By the year 2000, permanent efforts must be made in all Member States to actively promote and support a healthy lifestyle characterized by balanced nutrition, physical training, healthy sexuality, coping with stressful situations, and other aspects of health promotion behavior
King F.S. Helping mothers in breastfeeding 1995
Breastfeeding is the best and safest way to feed babies, in which children receive the best nutrition. In addition, breastfeeding provides protection from infections and lays the foundation for further normal mental development. Content: The process of the formation of breast milk and how the baby sucks the breast. Ingredients of breast milk and the disadvantages of artificial feeding. How to start breastfeeding. Problems and continuation of breastfeeding. Feeding and weaning. Techniques and adaptations.
Ed. Sidelnikova V.M. Emergency conditions in pediatrics 1994
The reference guide covers pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and pathological conditions in children requiring emergency care and resuscitation. Information on toxicoses, acute renal and hepatic insufficiency, convulsions, hemorrhagic condition, shocks, coma, crises, allergic conditions, diseases of internal organs, ENT, children's infections, etc. are described. Emergency care for newborns, children with cardiac arrest and respiration, syndrome sudden death, poisoning, endogenous physical effects, bites of poisonous animals and insects. The second edition is supplemented by modern information on these issues. For pediatricians, interned physicians of the pediatric profile, emergency and emergency doctors, resuscitators, allergists, neonatologists, otorhinolaryngologists.
Strakovskaya VL, Ladygina V.E. Physical education of premature infants 1990
The book contains information on the care of premature babies. Complexes of therapeutic gymnastics and massage are given, taking into account the psychomotor development of children of the first year of life who were born prematurely. The second edition (first published in 1978) was supplemented with new sections on the prevention and treatment of dentoalveolar disorders in premature infants. Complexes of therapeutic gymnastics for hand paresis are given, due to birth trauma, curvature, congenital clubfoot. The book is intended for parents.
Levitskaya S.K. Pain in the abdomen of children 1984
It is told about the main causes of abdominal pain in children of different ages, the knowledge of which is necessary for parents. It emphasizes the harm of self-treatment and the importance of contacting a doctor in the initial period of the disease, when it is easier to achieve full recovery. The main points of prevention of abdominal pain in children are indicated. It is designed for the mass reader.
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