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Functional tests

Compared with the resting state, the pulse is increased by no more than 25%, the maximum blood pressure is moderately increased, and the minimum does not change or slightly decreases. 3 minutes after the load, all indicators in the subject returned to their original values. With an inadequate response to physical activity, the pulse sharply quickens (by 50% or more than at rest), the maximum pressure decreases, and the minimum does not change or rises, the recovery period lasts 5-10 minutes or more. Each subsequent load is assigned only after a favorable reaction to the previous load.

Four main types of reaction (R. A. Kalyuzhnaya) of the cardiovascular system to standard physical activity (10-20 squats in 20-30 seconds) are distinguished. The first type (favorable reaction) - MO (minute volume) rises by no more than 30% of the initial level and in the third minute of the recovery period returns to the initial level. The second type (dysregulatory reaction) - MO increases by more than 30% of the initial level, then decreases slightly, but does not return to the initial level at the 35th minute of the recovery period (observed in children with vegetative-vascular dystonia of various origins). The third type (conditionally unfavorable, or late fatigue reaction) - MO, increasing in response to the load, by the 3-5th minute of the recovery period falls below the initial level - it is characteristic of secondary cardiopathies of toxic infectious origin with myocardial dystrophy. The fourth type (certainly an unfavorable or early fatigue reaction) - MO immediately after loading becomes lower than the original due to a decrease in stroke volume and systolic pressure, which is observed with myocarditis with a significant violation of the myocardial contractility.

Kushelevsky test. B. P. Kushelevsky proposed a reaction quality index (RCC), which allows one to evaluate the functional state of the cardiovascular system. RCC is determined by the formula: RCC = (PD2 - PD1) / (P2 - P1), where PD1, PD2 - pulse pressure before and after the load; P1, P2 - heart rate per minute before and after exercise.

The functional state of the cardiovascular system is assessed as good if the RCC is in the range of 0.5-1. In case of an adverse reaction of the circulatory system, RCC deviates from the norm in one direction or another.?
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Functional tests

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    How do I get the samples to see the radio activity? Accept and process front-end sampling of deliveries of samples at special rooms, which are equipped with heavy and drying safes, muffle furnaces, handles for mitting utensils, tari, if necessary, over samples. Delivered samples sound with a description, reload radioactivity on the surface of the package with an indicator attachment (СРП-68-01, СРП-88Н,
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