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The special form of mother's nipples

Significant help you will be able to provide devices for pulling the nipple. They are also called nipple shapers. They are put on after feeding, when the nipple is stretched by the baby’s efforts, and is worn until the next application. If the nipple cannot be pulled out, in such cases feeding is carried out through special nipple covers. They have an anatomical shape, which makes it easier for the child to suck.

| If you have inverted or flat nipples, it is important that the baby does not receive a nipple or pacifier prior to breastfeeding. Otherwise, he will immediately realize that they are easier to suck, and may refuse to breast.

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The special form of mother's nipples

  1. Counseling as a special form of academic work in a military college
    Consultations are one of the forms of management of independent work of cadets and students in a military university and assisting them in the development of educational material. They are held regularly in accordance with the schedules established at the departments during the hours of independent work and are mostly individual in nature. If necessary, including before holding seminars, workshops,
  2. So, if I get my baby to be properly attached to my chest, I will never have nipple inflammation?
    Almost never, but there is one disease - a fungal infection called thrush (candida albicans) - which can occur, especially after antibiotic treatment. Women suffering from thrush experience burning pain in the chest, which remains after feeding. The skin at the same time may have a reddish tint, shine and peel off. A child may have (but not always) white spots in the mouth or
  3. Mother's help in putting the baby to the breast
    If you want to help a mother, you must see how she feeds the child and decide whether she does it correctly or not (see Figures b and 7). {foto12} Figure 7. The baby sucks in the correct position. Signs that determine the correct position of the child during feeding - The child with the whole body is turned towards the mother and pressed against it. - The face of the child is close to the chest. - The baby's chin touches
  4. Weaning at the pace suggested by the mother
    Although we are of the opinion that weaning should be natural, in which the mother is guided by the hints of the child about being ready for weaning, we know that this is not always possible, and that some mothers choose feeding for a shorter period. Here is some manual for weaning on the maternal schedule. What to replace. If you stop feeding
  5. Cracked nipples
    Breastfeeding is not only joy, but also a great burden on the female body. Sensitive nipple skin is more exposed. Therefore, you must constantly monitor the condition of the breast. Bacteria can penetrate the damaged skin of the nipple and cause mastitis or breast abscess. The main cause of cracks in the nipples is improper attachment of the child.
  6. Nipple Covers
    Nipple covers are made of thin, flexible silicone and they cover the mother's nipple and areola, while the mother feeds the baby. The baby sucks the pad better than the nipple itself. Nipple covers are sometimes confused with the breast caps described above. Nipple covers can be used to protect sore nipples during feedings. They may also be helpful to a child.
  7. Ointments and nipple creams
    Inflammation of the nipples is too common, so that the means promising to prevent or alleviate it, have their own market. It is important to remember that in most cases, nipple inflammation is the result of improper breastfeeding or improper sucking, and the only way to cure it is to determine what the baby is doing wrong with the breast. (See chapter 2.) But since you feed
  8. Antenatal nipple preparation
    Can I somehow prepare my breast before the baby is born? Most breastfeeding professionals believe that women do not need any prior preparation of nipples for breastfeeding. Inflammation of the nipples is easier to avoid by applying the correct position and correct techniques when feeding than by using any special prenatal procedures. Once pregnant women
  9. Psychology as a special educational practice
    The main activities of the practical psychologist in education: psychological education, prevention, counseling, diagnosis, correction and development of the child). The need for psychological education is related to the fact that there is a shortage of psychological knowledge in society, and participants in the educational process often lack psychological culture. Practical psychologist
  10. Mothers support groups for mothers
    If several nursing mothers live next to each other, they may be interested in creating a group for mutual support. Such direct support groups for mothers can have the greatest effect in helping mothers to continue breastfeeding after the first weeks after birth. Perhaps they can provide even more effective assistance than
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