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Rykov VA. The pathologist's handbook, 2004
The handbook contains the basic normative acts regulating the sectional section of the work of the pathoanatomical service, its staffing, rights, official and professional duties, social protection measures for service workers, assessed the possible occurrence of liability with undesirable results of the provision of post-mortem care. In accordance with ICD-10, there are requirements for establishing clinical and pathological-anatomical diagnoses, rules for comparing diagnoses, coding (encrypting) diseases and issuing a medical death certificate. The handbook is intended for employees of the pathoanatomical service and for health care organizers; it will be useful for general practitioners, insurance organizations and the law enforcement system, and can be used as a reference tool for teaching students of medical universities, during advanced training of pathologists and health care organizers, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in these medical and legal issues.
The structure of the diagnosis of monocausal genesis of the disease and death

Books and textbooks on the discipline. Pathological anatomy:

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