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Taranina TS, Klimachev VV, Lepilov A.V. Test tasks for pathological anatomy, 2009
The purpose of these test tasks is to facilitate the process of self-training and increase the level of effectiveness of theoretical and practical training of students for practical exercises in pathological anatomy. The basis of the test tasks is "An example program in the discipline of pathological anatomy for the specialties: 04100 - medical business, 04200 - pediatrics, 04300 - medical and preventive business, Moscow, 2002". Test tasks are arranged in order of the number of classes and include sections of general and particular pathological anatomy, which are studied respectively in the 5th and 6th semesters. We offer you test tasks in which there may be one, two, three or more correct answers! In tasks of other forms, proceed in accordance with the instructions there. At the end of each topic are the correct answers to the questions posed, which will facilitate the preparation for classes.
Tumors of hematopoietic tissues. Hemoblastosis. Tumor diseases of the lymph nodes.

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