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Toolkit. Pathology tests for medical and pediatric faculties, 2011
Damage. Cellular and extracellular trophic mechanisms. Dystrophy. General patterns of development of parenchymal and stromal-vascular dystrophies. Mixed dystrophy. Classification. General patterns of development. Necrosis. Clinical and morphological characteristics. Circulatory disorders. Morphology of acute and chronic heart failure. Thromboembolic syndrome. DIC syndrome. Inflammation. The essence, the pattern of development. The morphology of the kinetics of the inflammatory reaction. Classification. Exudative inflammation. Clinical and morphological characteristics. Productive inflammation. Granulomatosis. Immunopathological processes. Autoimmunization. The morphology of hypersensitivity reactions. Adaptation and compensation processes. Regeneration. General Provisions Reparative and pathological regeneration. Tumors Histo- and morphogenesis of tumors. The principles of classification. Sarcoma. Crayfish. Diseases of the blood system. Hemoblastosis.
Mesenchymal tumors

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