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In the days of the USSR, the implementation of medical activities was protected by departmental barriers. With the democratization of the Russian state and society, pathologists and other pathological anatomical service employees (PAS) were poorly prepared for the legal regulation of their professional activities.

In the Fundamentals (Law of July 22, 93, No. 5487-1), it is established that one of the tasks of Russian legislation in protecting public health is to “determine the professional rights, duties and responsibilities of medical and pharmaceutical workers, establish guarantees for their social protection” Clause 4, Article 4).

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  1. Article 73. Obligations of medical workers and pharmaceutical workers
    1. Medical workers and pharmaceutical workers carry out their activities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, guided by the principles of medical ethics and deontology. 2. Medical workers are obliged: 1) to provide medical care in accordance with their qualifications, job descriptions, official and official duties; 2) comply
  2. The concept of compulsory medical professional liability insurance
    The validity of the choice of protecting the professional responsibility of medical workers, as one of the prerequisites for successful reform in the field of legislative support of medical activity, is due to a number of reasons, the main of which, according to the author, are: - uneven public efforts related to the search for legal remedies for legitimate interests and right
  3. Rights and obligations of an anesthetist-resuscitator and anesthetist nurse (ward nurse)
    An anesthetist-resuscitator has the right to:? take part in the treatment of the patient along with other specialists (surgeon, therapist, etc.):? provide anesthetic and resuscitation care in OARIT as a treating doctor; ? receive information necessary for the performance of their duties; ? to make proposals to the head (manager) of OARIT on improvement issues
  4. Rights and obligations of practical psychologists
    Consider the rights and obligations that are necessary for the successful implementation by a psychologist of their professional activities. The psychologist should have the right: 1) to participate in all aspects of the life of the organization, institution, specific client, as well as get acquainted with the content of the documentation necessary for the successful performance of professional duties; 2) participate in
  5. Medical examination and social protection for asthma in children
    Examination of temporary disability in asthma is carried out by health authorities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. An incapacity certificate for bronchial asthma is issued in connection with an exacerbation of the disease, the need to care for a sick family member (child), and during spa treatment. In the period of exacerbation of the disease, schoolchildren with
  6. Article 76. Professional non-profit organizations created by medical workers and pharmaceutical workers
    1. In order to realize and protect the rights of medical workers and pharmaceutical workers, develop medical activities and pharmaceutical activities, promote scientific research, and resolve other issues related to the professional activities of medical workers and pharmaceutical workers, these employees have the right to create professional volunteers
  7. Article 72. Rights of medical workers and pharmaceutical workers and measures to stimulate them
    1. Medical workers and pharmaceutical workers have the right to basic guarantees provided by labor legislation and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, including: 1) creation by the head of a medical organization of the appropriate conditions for the employee to fulfill his labor duties, including providing necessary equipment, in alright
  8. Article 77. Features of the training of medical workers and pharmaceutical workers
    1. Practical training of persons receiving secondary, higher and postgraduate medical or pharmaceutical education, additional professional education is provided by their participation in medical activities and pharmaceutical activities in accordance with educational programs and is organized: 1) on the basis of structural divisions of educational and
  9. Article 74. Restrictions on medical workers and pharmaceutical workers in their professional activities
    1. Medical workers and heads of medical organizations are not entitled to: 1) accept from organizations engaged in the development, production and (or) sale of medicines, medical devices, organizations with rights to use the trade name of a medicinal product, wholesale drug trade organizations, and pharmacy organizations (their
  10. Rights and obligations of citizens in the field of health
    Rights and obligations of citizens in the field of protection
  11. Job responsibilities, rights and tactical issues of the paramedic
    Job responsibilities, rights and tactical issues of work
  12. Medical workers and pharmaceutical workers, medical organizations
    Medical and pharmaceutical workers, medical
  13. Worker protection equipment
    Protective equipment is divided into collective protective equipment and personal protective equipment. Collective protection is intended to protect two or more workers from exposure, harmful and (or) dangerous production factors. It is structurally and (or) functionally connected with the production equipment, the production process, the production room (building) or
  14. Responsibilities and Responsibilities for Compliance with Sanitary Rules
    Compliance with sanitary rules is mandatory for citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities (Article 39 of the Federal Law “On the Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population” of March 30, 1999 No. 52-FZ). Company managers are required to provide: - the necessary conditions for compliance with sanitary rules and norms when processing raw materials, preparing products with a view to release
  15. Harmonization of the social environment of an educational institution. Social protection and self-defense of students
    * Section written by M.A. Kovalchuk. The professional activity of the teacher-psychologist involves ensuring the harmonization of the social environment of the educational institution, the social protection of students and preparing them for self-defense. Harmonization of the social environment of the educational institution is associated with the creation of the educational environment of this institution and the field of self-realization of pupils
  16. Social worker
    The profession of a social worker appeared in our country in the 90s of the twentieth century. It consists in the fact that workers provide lonely elderly people with food and provide them with other services. There were several reasons for creating such a service in Moscow. It is difficult to rank them according to the degree of importance, but the following can be called: these are the long-term consequences of the Great Patriotic War, because
  17. Social Worker and Psychologist
    The profession of a social worker, including a social educator, is not mass in our country. This has to be noted with regret, given the number of problems that one person (or family) sometimes simply can not handle. Here are just a few of them: disability, loneliness, a mentally ill family member, chronic alcohol abuse of parents, domestic sadism, chronic family
  18. What is a psychiatric social worker?
    Psychiatric social workers, like psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists, receive training to treat people with emotional difficulties. When a patient first arrives at a psychiatric clinic, a psychiatric social worker often talks with him. According to statistics, the majority of patients in psychiatric clinics in our country
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