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Ed. A.A. Bodaleva, G.A. Weiser, N.A. Karpovoy, V.E. Chukovsky The meaning of life and AKME: 10 years of searching 2004
The collection includes selected materials of the last three scientific symposia on the psychological and interdisciplinary aspects of the meaning of life and Acme.

Psychologists and representatives of other human sciences.
Derkach A.A. (Ed.) Acmeology 2004
The publication examines the content of the psychological phenomenon of "Akme" in the socio-personal, age, professional aspect; determines the subject, the conceptual apparatus, the methodological foundations and the specificity of research methods in acmeology - the science that emerged at the intersection of natural, social and humanitarian disciplines; reflects its current state.

Recommended by the Training and Methodological Council of RAGS for students of various forms of training, retraining and advanced training, studying the training course "Acmeology".
Izhvanova E.M. Development of gender role identity in adolescence and adulthood 2004
Moscow: MGU-them. M. V. Lomonosov. Thesis for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences. Specialty - 19.00.13. - developmental psychology, acmeology. (As a manuscript). Supervisor - Doctor of Psychology O.A. Karabanova.
A. Derkach, V. Zazykin. Acmeology 2003
Currently, Acmeology is a new, rapidly developing science that is actively involved in social practice. The demand for acmeological knowledge is primarily due to its constructiveness and practical orientation. Integrating and generalizing knowledge about the progressive development of a mature personality, the ways of self-realization and self-actualization, acmeology turned out to be a conceptual link in the system of human sciences. The authors of the textbook are well-known scientists, leading acmeologists of the country, and Academician of the Russian Academy of Education A.A. Derkach is one of the founders of this science.
A.A.Derkach, L.A.Stepnova Development of autopsychological competence of public servants 2003
The theoretical and methodological foundations of the study of autopsychological competence of public servants are considered; it reveals its psychological and acmeological concept, patterns of development and optimization of this process.

For specialist acmeologists.
Derkach A.A. (Ed.) Acmeology 2002
Outlines the theoretical, methodological and practical issues on the course program. The chapters and sections of the textbook on the structure and content correspond to the state educational standard for the discipline "Acmeology". Recommended by the Training and Methodological Council of RAGS for students of various forms of training, retraining and advanced training, studying the training course "Acmeology". The publication complies with the state educational standard of higher professional education in the specialty "State and Municipal Administration".
HER. Vakhromov Psychological concepts of human development: the theory of self-actualization 2001
This book is devoted to the problem of human development and reflects not only well-known scientific facts and hypotheses, but also some less well-known ones, including those obtained by the author as a result of his own research. To a certain extent, it is the result of the author’s understanding of the results of his activities in the field of practical psychology, bears the imprint of his subjective experience, so some notorious interpretation and hypotheses are given not quite an ordinary interpretation, they are considered in an unusual context. It is addressed not only to students studying age and pedagogical psychology, developmental psychology and history of psychology, but it can also be useful to professionals working in the field of practical psychology. The author tried to write it in such a language that it was understandable and to a non-professional who is interested in the problem of human development.
Vargamyan M.V. Psychological conditions for the teacher to overcome difficulties in the development of professionalism 2000
Abstract of dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences

Specialty 19.00.13 - developmental psychology, acmeology

The work was done at the Department of Acmeology and Professional Psychology of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation

Bodalev A.A. Top in the development of an adult: characteristics and conditions to achieve 1998
The book offered to the attention of the reader relates to a new area of ​​knowledge of the human being - acmeology. It highlights the objective and subjective conditions and factors, the presence of which allows a person to reach the top in his development (reach acme) as an individual (the most complex living being), as an individual, and as a high-class creatively manifesting himself as a professional in a certain part of his life. his field of labor, for example in psychology.
Sitnikov A.P. Acmeological training: theory of psychotechnology 1995
The purpose of this study: to develop and substantiate the theoretical foundations and methodological tools of acmeological training program-target orientation, aimed at improving the professional skills of management personnel. About the author: Doctor of Psychology, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Acmeological Sciences. Sitnikov was one of the first to start introducing and adapting neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and eriksonian hypnosis in Russian and in Russian culture (trends in American psychological, especially psychotherapeutic practice). According to some experts' estimates, Aleksey Sitnikov is considered the author of a new direction in Russian psychology - psycho-technological, which acts as the development and integration of the theory of A. Leontiev’s activity, the theory of phased development of mental actions and skills of P. Halperin, psycholinguistics and psychosemantics (A. Luria, N. Chomsky, L. Vygotsky, V. Nalimov, J. Kelly, V. Petrenko, J. Grinder, and others), installation theory D. Uznadze. Included in the group of specialists (together with N. Kuzmina, A. Derkach, A. Bodalev and others), who revived in 1990-1991. created in 1928 in Russia, but "frozen" in the forties-eighties science "acmeology". In 1992 defended his first thesis on this topic. Developed a new complex type of active learning - "acmeological training of the program-target orientation". He has about 30 publications on psychology, acmeology, political science, mathematics, physiology, including 6 monographs published in Russia and Poland
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