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Crib. Acmeology, 2009
Relevance and tasks of acmeology. General methodological approaches. The role and place of acmeology among other humanities. The formation of acmeology as a scientific direction. The role of Ananiev in acmeology. The role of Bodalev in acmeology. Adulthood and maturity: the content of concepts. Man as an individual, personality and professional. The principle of development determinism. The experience of studying the life prospects of the individual in modern science. Sociocultural typology of personal life strategies. Acmeology: content role, specificity of manifestation. Acmeology in the personal development of man. Personal culture as an acmeological phenomenon. Factors of personality acme development. Internal conditions for a person to achieve acme. Self-concept, its essence. The practice of developing Acmeograms. Comparison of two cultures (European and Eastern) in the development of self-concept. Maslow self-actualization concept and acmeology. Competitive person. Competitive person. True and formal signs of a successful career. Professionals and personality requirements of the teacher-psychologist. The role and tasks of the teacher-psychologist in the modern educational space. The interaction of the psychologist and teachers in educational activities. Professional ethics of a practical psychologist.
The role of Ananiev in acme

Books and textbooks on the subject of Acmeology:

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