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Derkach A.A. (ed.). Acmeology, 2004
The publication considers the content of the psychological phenomenon of "acme" in the social, personal, age, professional aspect; defines the subject, conceptual apparatus, methodological foundations and the specifics of research methods in acmeology - a science that arose at the intersection of natural, social and humanitarian disciplines; reflects her current condition.

Recommended by the educational and methodical council of the RAGS for students of various forms of training, retraining and advanced training, studying the training course "Acmeology".
The subject of acmeology and its place in the system of sciences
Methodological principles and approaches in acmeology
Acmeology Methods
Acmeological study of man as an individual, personality, subject of activity
Acmeological approach to the periodization of human age development
Peaks in the development of man (or his "acme") and their main characteristics
Types of Applied Acmeology
The essence of acmeological technologies of personal and professional development
Methods for the qualitative assessment and quantitative measurement of personal and professional development
The main types of acmeological technologies for improving personal and professional development of a person
Acmeological technologies to help a person in organizing and optimal implementation of his personal and professional development

Books and textbooks on the subject of Acmeology:

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