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Postnikova M.I. Psychology of relations between generations in modern Russia, 2011
The dissertation author's abstract on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of psychological sciences. Specialty: 19.00.13 - developmental psychology, acmeology (psychological sciences). The scientific consultant is Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Regush Lyudmila Aleksandrovna.

Books and textbooks on discipline Akmeology:

  1. Khvatova M. V .. The concept of development of acmeological resources of psychological health of youth - 2012
  2. Verbina G. G. Psychological and acmeological concept of the development of professional health specialist - 2011
  3. Test. Akmeologichesky approach to the periodization of age development of man - 2011
  4. Solovyov I.O. Development of a professional in the acmeological environment - 2011
  5. Khashchenko T. G. Personality readiness of students To entrepreneurial activity: Psychological content and conditions of formation - 2011
  6. Volkova E. V .. Development of mental structures as the basis of special abilities - 2011
  7. Manoylova MA .. Akmeological development of polyethnic competence of subjects of education - 2011
  8. Examination paper. Fundamentals of acmeology - Acme. Accentuations. Acmeogram - 2010
  9. Test. Characteristics of the main acmeological schools - 2010
  10. Belov VG. Psychological and acmeological support of adolescents with delinquent behavior: concept, model, technologies - 2010
  11. Busygina I.S. Corporate security as an acmeological basis of the productive life of the organization - 2010
  12. Orestova V. R. Acmeological concept of identification of civil servants - 2010
  13. Tolstykh N. N. Development of the temporary perspective of the individual: cultural and historical approach - 2010
  14. Crib. Acmeology - 2009
  15. Zazykin VG. A brief akmeologichesky dictionary - 2009
  16. Ekimchik OA .. Cognitive and emotional components of love in people of different ages - 2009
  17. Karabushchenko N. B .. Elite phenomenon: historical and psychological grounds and ways of development - 2009
  18. Plugina M.I .. Akmeologichesky concept of Professional formation of teachers of the higher school - 2009
  19. Bobrishchev AA Psychological and acmeological concept of psychological readiness of athletes of the highest qualification of power single combat - 2009
  20. Il'in VA Psychosocial theory as a polydisciplinary approach to the analysis of social processes in modern society - 2009
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