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Soloviev IO. The development of a professional in acmeological environment, 2011
Abstract of dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Psychology. Specialty: 19.00.13 - developmental psychology, acmeology.

The purpose of the research is to develop a concept for the development of a professional in an acmeological environment.

The object of research is the acmeological environment of professional development.

The subject of the research is the interaction of the development processes of a professional and the acmeological environment transforming it.

Research hypothesis

The development of a professional in an acmeological environment will be effective if: the development process is supported by an integrated approach based on an integrative media approach, which allows for cumulating the effects of personal, professional growth and transformation of the environment based on the identified preconditions and mechanisms for acmeologization of the environment as a necessary means of achieving a high level of professionalism; the acmeological essence of the interaction of the transforming environment and the development of the professional is determined; developed a methodology for assessing the dynamics of development with the help of indicators, criteria and levels of development of a professional in an acmeological environment; acmeological patterns are taken into account reflecting the characteristics of stable connections, relationships and tendencies of movement towards high professionalism coupled with the transformation of the environment; the content of the acmeological author's program reflects the activity of a professional in transforming the environment through acmeological technologies and gradual self-improvement of professionalism with the participation of an acmeological environment; development is achieved through a combination of traditional and akmesredovyh technologies, which can be trained through a set of trainings and methods of assessing achievements. Content.

Acmeological professional development process. The concept of development of a professional in acmeological environment. Model of professional development in acmeological environment. Types of acmeological environment. Successful acmeologization of the environment. The trajectories of the activity of professionals and its dependence on the activity of the environment. Diagnostics of acmeological environments on the basis of the organizational-activity game. Dynamics of indicators in the direction of development acmeological environment. Recommendations and directions for further research. The main findings of the study.
general description of work

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