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Mini-program is designed for self-programming and self-development (see. Fig. 3).

FIG. 3. Psychotechnology scheme "Mini-program".

1. To formulate a positive team of the necessary action X / "Make X" /.

2. In the associated form (AS) in three modalities (V, A, K), imagine Rx / the result of the action X / until you get clear positive feelings (PF).

3. In the dissociated form (DS), present Rx / possible consequences of non-implementation of the action X /, find and present an acceptable way out of this situation / ”lifeline” /.

In associated form (AS):

- imagine the conditions under which the internal program for executing the X (trigger flag) should start;

- step by step to present the implementation of action X;

- the result of the action X (Rx);

- bring the brightness of these ideas to real positive feelings (PF).

5. Re-give a positive team action X.

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  1. Mini drank
    Mini-pili (MP) contain only microdoses of progestogens (300-500 mcg), which is 15-30% of the dose of progestogen in combined estrogen-progestin preparations. The mechanism of contraceptive action of MP consists of several factors: a. "cervical factor" - under the influence of MP decreases the amount of cervical mucus, increases its viscosity, which ensures a decrease in penetrating ability
  2. Exercise to create a mini-intelligence card
    A mini-mind map is an embryonic mind map. Although it is called “mini”, the applications that this type of intelligence card finds are truly enormous. In order to practically perform the exercises offered below, you will need colored felt-tip pens and either a notebook for mind maps, or an illustration on page 61, or simply blank sheets of large-format paper.
    Minilaparotomy is the best operation for thin patients who do not have any pathology or adhesions in the pelvis. The operation is difficult to perform in patients with obesity and tubal tubes that have suffered inflammation. The advantage of the operation is its lower cost, since less expensive instruments are used than with laparoscopic surgery. However, if patients are given the right
  4. The program of the discipline with guidelines for studying each topic of the program and questions for self-control
    The program of the discipline with guidelines for studying each topic of the program and questions for
  5. Exercise on drawing up a mini-intelligence card using images
    This exercise, recommended for those who wish to practice their “mental muscles” in terms of images, is similar to the exercise with the word “happiness” described in the previous chapter. The difference is that a graphic image is placed in the center, and over each of the ten branches departing from it, images are drawn that are the first associations that come to mind. By doing
    Pure progestin contraceptives are one of the types of hormonal contraception that was created due to the need to exclude the estrogen component that causes the majority of metabolic disorders: hypertension and, especially, thromboembolic states. Pure progestin-only contraceptives include: • oral contraceptives containing only progestagen (pure
  7. The composition of the educational program
    The educational program should include: curriculum, programs of academic disciplines. curriculum and work practice programs, the order of completion of the thesis (project), the state exam program, which must comply with the requirements of this standard. The graduate education program should include the following courses for students
    Congratulations on completing the program. Now you probably feel your body completely different than before the implementation of the program. If you have not achieved all the results you expected, you can continue the program for several days or even a week or two. Some of my patients continued for several months. In fact, although you probably would like to increase the portions or
  9. The essence of the program
    This is a tool that everyone can use for their own healing and recovery. It is based on the following very easy to understand concepts: 1) toxins and stress interfere with the normal functioning of body systems and limit the ability to self-heal; 2) modern eating habits and lifestyle contribute to the pollution of the body and do not provide
  10. Completion of the program
    Perhaps you can not wait to return to the usual diet. Or it seems to you that it will not be difficult to continue the program for several more days. And in fact, and in another case, exit the program gradually. First, go to one liquid dish and two solid ones, continuing to choose them from the recipes of the program or the elimination diet. Many of my patients continue to eat similar
    This program consists of three sections. The first section lists the basic mathematical concepts that the applicant must have both an oral and a written exam. The second section is a list of questions on the theoretical part of the oral exam. When preparing for the written exam, it is advisable to get acquainted with the statements of statements from this section.
  12. CoRT thought program
    This program was created for direct teaching of thinking within the school curriculum. We have already twenty years experience of using this program, which is now widely used throughout the world (Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand). It may be mandatory as throughout
  13. How is the program going
    The most common mistake that all newbies make is to try to cover the whole program with one glance, to say: “Everything is clear!” ”- and start acting in your own way. As a result, you only confuse yourself. It is best to take our program as a game - without passing one level, you can not achieve anything on the next, because you have not developed the necessary habits and have not found the necessary ones.
  14. Benefits of the program
    The proposed purification program: 1) is a simple, safe and scientifically based method for the practical application of the most effective ancient knowledge; 2) does not break your usual everyday life, you do not have to deny yourself anything because of it; 3) fits easily into any daily routine; 4) is able to satisfy your need for energy, at the same time
  15. Satori and Ultra Rapid programs
    Further improvement of the technique of teaching fast reading technology led us to the creation of two more stages of the program: Satori and Ultrarapid. Satori - means "insight". Ultra Rapid - super fast reading. Our scientific group has developed a program, which we called the "Integrated Program for the Intellectual Development of Man." The program provides three levels of study: 1st
  16. How the program works
    Today, everywhere, wherever you look, there is a growing interest in purification. Thanks to the active exchange of information between individuals on the Internet and numerous articles and recommendations on detoxification, the situation turned out to be more confusing than ever. Descriptions of extreme methods can scare away many. In addition, a few days after the start of their chosen program, people
  17. Program interface
    Consider the program interface. Outlook is an MS Office application, and its interface is based on elements common to all MS Office applications, such as the work window, status bar and floating toolbars. The peculiarity of Outlook is that, besides the standard interface, this program has one more interface - its own. The basis of this interface is the elements. Element -
  18. Programs for entering psychological faculties
    In accordance with clause 12 of the Procedure for Admission to Higher Education Institutions, all entrance examinations are conducted according to the programs corresponding to the curricula of the secondary school. Now there are no uniform approved programs for applicants - all universities independently develop entrance examination programs. In some universities, when admitting to psychological faculties other than Russian
    The best thing is that if you decide to start the program, you will adhere to two rules: 1. Carefully read the text that you consider “preliminary”. This is not a preface - this is the necessary information for you, which it is better to learn at once, in order not to return to them. It is better to read with a pencil in hand - noting or writing down words or recommendations that seemed important to you in a notebook. 2
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