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Understanding the meaning of life by a person in the modern world

Life constantly poses a problem for a person, the solution of which requires orientation to their "I". This is primarily an awareness of the situation of choice. A person has the right to see, hear, feel, think in his own way, thus showing his individuality. The individuality of a person, his relative independence from everyone and everyone and at the same time, his ultimate dependence on everything and everyone, is far from always recognized by us. There are special situations in life when such awareness, as recognition of one’s individuality, integrity, becomes inevitable - these are situations of moral choice, choice of values, and first of all, values ​​of a relationship.

V. Frankl pointed out that as soon as the list of values ​​is replenished with the values ​​of the relationship, it becomes obvious that human existence in its essence can never be meaningless. Human life is full of meaning to the very end. And while the consciousness has not left a person, he is constantly obligated to realize values ​​and bear responsibility. Thus, in the moral sphere, the thesis put forward by W. Frankl is confirmed: to be a person means to be conscious and responsible, to be able to make decisions. It follows that education should be focused on the formation of the ability to make decisions.

This ability is especially necessary in our time, as never before has a personality crisis reached such proportions. Of course, human history is full of crimes, wars, suffering and fear, and as for happiness, while it is there, we are painfully afraid to lose it, but when it leaves, we experience even more. But hardly anyone will argue that modern civilization is "tired of immorality and immorality." It’s hard not to see that the era of “moral collapse” has arrived. We can agree with A. Maslow that the problem of values ​​begins to interest mankind at all times when troubles reign in society and the most immutable of previous values ​​are disputed. We live in an era when the traditional value system is failing. And is it not time to stop writing and promoting works in which common truths are presented as the last word of our time, and to get down to business, the need for which is well known? I mean the work of some psychologists who reinforce and strengthen people's ideas about the existence of quick ways to change life, beyond our choice and efforts. There is a certain dangerous trend that determines people's views: what to learn - and so we can do it!

We live in a time when people have been taught to expect quick and easy solutions to emotional problems that others are responsible for. The formation of such a simplified approach is sometimes facilitated by the habit of many professional psychologists to justify modern life with psychological complexity. These psychologists talk more about such things as unconscious motivation and emotional disturbances, rather than about a person’s responsibility for their life. And a person falls into the trap, believing that the difficulties of life are a logical consequence of psychological forces, for example, a symptom of emotional disturbance, not wanting to show knowledge, will and desire to remove obstacles to a successful life.

A simple outward change in behavior will not change the human being. Self-love and fear, so strongly affecting human actions, should not be considered superficially; you need to know in which cases the mind changes us. Then it is necessary to realize the falsity of the goals, sincerely look at your feelings and relate to your own emotions and hidden motives in order to understand: it is they that keep us in the framework of a simplified behavior scheme. Attempts to change without realizing that our feelings and reactions are always conditioned by our own values, beliefs, fears and expectations are usually doomed to failure. So, the main thing is to focus on people in order to be able to get involved in the process of awareness of your emotional problems and help yourself overcome defeatist forms of behavior.

The impoverishment of needs, interests, loss of ideals, as well as alcoholism, drug addiction and other “hobbies” - all these phenomena have in common the impoverishment of the meaningful and semantic sphere of personality. At present, in the current situation in the country of uncertainty, unresolved key problems of economic and political life, a sharp reduction in the time perspective and the possibility of planning one’s further existence, objective conditions have arisen that contribute to a significant narrowing of the sphere of motivational regulation, reducing it to the level of current situational motivations .

Unfortunately, for many, modern life is becoming a constant search for "entertainment."
This word, by the way, was absent in any other dictionary; in Russia of the 19th century or in any serious civilization they simply would not understand what it means. Life has become an unceasing search for "entertainment" that lacks any serious meaning and meaning - just watch the now popular television programs, commercials, movies, listen to the so-called "pop music". This statement applies to almost all aspects of our modern culture. We often do not take this into account, because, living in this society, we take it for granted and thereby depreciate our life, depriving it of meaning, which in turn creates a lot of problems, in particular, of a psychological nature.

In pedagogical and psychological practice, great importance is attached to standards, norms, schemes, and tests. But life cannot be subordinate to them, therefore, copyists of other people's thoughts, clothes, ideas are always uninteresting. Unification testifies to spiritual monotony, and the education system often stimulates the consumption of knowledge, forgetting about internal guidelines on the path of self-development, the ability to make choices, which is facilitated by literature and humanitarian subjects, and most importantly, adults nearby.

In one of the schools, we asked high school students to answer questions about what they think about their future life, about their dream, about the meaning of life. Here are their answers: “live happily ever after”; “I do not want to answer this question” (then it turned out that the reason was the drunkenness of both parents); “So that there is a goal - for what to live”; “So that loved ones are nearby: mom, dad, brother, friends”; "I really do not know"; “Let there be significant results and fewer actions, good work”; "Arrange life for their unborn children"; “In material security (52%)”; "To find a good job"; “Live happily, let it be good work and more money”; “Educate a worthy generation”; “Help people”; “Good, well-off job”; “To have a house, a summer residence, a good fashionable car”; “Help humanity solve at least one problem”; "I want to be loved."

Reading these revelations, I remembered the refrain of the famous song: “We choose, we are chosen ...”. The answers are not as simple as it seems at first glance. The child’s personality, as it were, lies on the scales: on one side is his social susceptibility, on the other - his own conclusions, expectations and - less often - their internal guidelines that determine them.

Sh.A. Amonashvili pointed out that the humanization of a child, the formation of his life depends on how humane the pedagogical process itself is with all its components - teachers, parents, programs and textbooks, methods and forms. These words are a statement of the fact that an exaggerated orientation to a single technology prevents the creative expression of both adults and children. In addition, the narrowing and minimization of the concept of “education” interferes with self-development of an individual who knows how to navigate the world of spiritual values, has his own view of what is happening and focuses on its transformation, strives for self-development, rather than consumerism. When preparing psychologists, it is necessary to focus their attention not only on the knowledge system, but also on personal self-development.

Professionals understand that the educational, consumer trend, coupled with the standardization of life in many of its manifestations, makes enough adults, and most importantly, the younger generation, wait for definite answers to those questions where there is no definite answer and will not be. So, for example, many want to hear the answer to the question: what is the "meaning of life"? The famous journalist A. Borovik once wrote that you need to be able to “bring meaning to life,” that is, a lot in life that both children and adults must understand, determines their own choice, which always remains with the person.
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Understanding the meaning of life by a person in the modern world

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