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Experimental Results

Our results allowed us to experimentally fix that the formation of conceptual structures in all samples of adolescents corresponds to the growth rule (as the age of development and development of chemistry, the time of chemical differentiation decreases) and the form rule (the time of the most complex differentiations is longer than the time of the complex and simple) (table. 3).

The high accuracy of distinguishing chemical stimulus objects by teenagers of the experimental group who are more successful in mastering chemistry indicates the conformity of the conceptual structures formed as a result of the forming experiment with the conceptual structures of chemistry.

A comparative analysis of the development of chemistry in different groups of subjects showed (Table 3) that insufficient formation of a detailed level of the concept of “substance” in adolescents in the control sample leads to a decrease in the amount of long-term memory for complex chemical information, the level of interest in chemistry and the indicator “chemical intuition”. In adolescents of the experimental sample, as a result of a focused forming experiment, a higher level of maturity of conceptual chemistry structures is observed, namely, conceptual chemistry structures of a detailed level are formed, which is manifested in a statistically significant increase in indicators of special chemical abilities - such as “chemical memory”, “chemical intuition” and level of interest in chemistry.

Table 3

The dynamics of the concept of "substance" and

special chemical abilities in different groups of subjects

This conclusion is confirmed by a high level of differentiation at the same time as a high level of integration of maturity indices of conceptual structures among subjects of the experimental group, which can also indicate the formation of chemical abilities. These results are consistent with the experimental data of E.V. Ivanova (1999), G.A. Vinokurova (1999), V.V. Nazarova (2001), who showed that qualitative changes (the acquisition of new abilities and personality traits) are accompanied by an increase in cognitive differentiation and integration.

During the formative experiment, it was shown that the development of conceptual structures that ensure the successful development of chemistry affects the development of both verbal and nonverbal intelligence (Volkova, 2006). Thus, the targeted development of special abilities "leads" the development of intelligence. In addition to the theoretical study of the laws governing the development of chemical abilities under the influence of learning, we managed to accomplish a practical task: we developed and verified an educational program that takes into account the laws governing the development of conceptual structures of chemistry and chemical abilities, which allows us to absorb chemical knowledge at a faster pace and lead to growth indicators of general and special abilities.
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Experimental Results

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