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Lectures Diagnostic tests, symptoms, syndromes for obstetrics and gynecology 2010
This summary provides a brief description and classification of the main diagnostic tests and sydrome in obstetrics and gynecology.
abstract Diabetes in obstetrics 2010
During pregnancy and childbirth in diabetes mellitus, Management and treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus during pregnancy, Dynamic use of ultrasound diagnostics, Management of pregnancy and childbirth in patients with diabetes mellitus, Obstetric or diabetic situation Doctor tactics
abstract Toxicosis pregnant 2010
Toxicoses of pregnant women are diseases that arise in connection with the development of the ovum and which are characterized by very diverse symptoms, of which the function of the central nervous system is the most constant and pronounced. vascular disorders. metabolic disorders. According to the date of occurrence and clinical manifestations, it is customary to subdivide toxicosis into 2 groups: early (vomiting of pregnant women, gvpalsevnation, dermatosis, hepatopathy, neuro- and psychopathy, etc.) and late ones - gestosis, dropsy of pregnant women, nephropathy, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia. Rare forms of toxicosis — hepatopathy (toxic jaundice), acute liver dystrophy, pregnant women, chorea of ​​pregnant women, osteomalacia, arthropathy — are distinguished into a special group.
Lectures Obstetric hemorrhage. 2010
Bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. Main causes of bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. Spontaneous miscarriages. Wristfulness. Cervical pregnancy. Cervical canal polyps. Cervical cancer. Bleeding in the second half of pregnancy. Main causes of bleeding. Placenta predisposition and premature detachment of the normal placental. bleeding with placenta previa Uterine rupture Hemorrhage during labor Bleeding the first stage of labor, cervical rupture Bleeding in the second stage of labor, bleeding in the third stage of labor Thick attachment increment Bleeding in the early postpartum period main causes bleeding in the early postpartum period Tasks Options hypotonic bleeding operation manual examination of the uterine cavity sequence operation sequence stop bleeding hypotonic
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Dentistry Miscarriage of pregnancy 2010
The proposed teaching and methodological complex contains didactic material to prepare for practical exercises and examinations for students of medical universities, interns, clinical residents in the specialty “obstetrics and gynecology”. The manual includes questions for self-study, test tasks and tasks that facilitate the assimilation of the topic, regulatory indicators of clinical and laboratory examination methods, treatment regimens.
Lectures Practical skills in obstetrics and gynecology 2010
Lecture notes are designed to prepare medical students for passing tests and exams in practical skills in obstetrics and gynecology. The content includes topics such as compiling and evaluating gravidograms; palpation of the abdomen according to the method of Leopold; measuring the height of the uterus; auscultation of fetal heartbeat; compilation of the program; two-handed examination of the uterus and much more.
Lectures Obstetrics and Perinatology 2009
Organization of female consultation. Dispensary observation of pregnant women. The structure and organization of the obstetric hospital. Sanitary-epidemiological regime in the obstetric hospital. The fruit and its dimensions. Obstetric studies (methods of examination of pregnant women and women in labor). Pain relief childbirth. Physiology of the neonatal period. Multiple pregnancy. Pathology of the amniotic medium (low water, high water). Childbirth at old, young primiparous and multi-growing ones. Early toxicosis. Late gestosis. DIC in obstetrics. Narrow pelvis. Asynclitic head inserts. Wrong head standing. Pregnancy and labor management for cardiovascular diseases, anemias, kidney diseases, diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis. Placental insufficiency. Hypoxia and asphyxia of the newborn. Perinatal morbidity and mortality. Perinatal infection. Generic injuries of the mother. Immunological incompatibility between mother and fetus. Prone pregnancy Premature birth. Anomalies of generic forces. Cesarean section. Obstetric forceps and vacuum extraction. Fruit destructive operations. Small obstetric surgery. Wrong position of the fetus. Fetal corrective operations. Obstetric turns. Extraction of the fetus for the pelvic end. Purulent inflammatory postpartum diseases. Generalized postpartum infectious diseases. Lactational mastitis.
abstract Aseptic and antiseptic in gynecology 2009
Asepsis. Antiseptic. Types of infections. Sterility control. Disinfectants antiseptics.
L.V. Akker, G.V. Nemtsev Inflammatory diseases of the ginetalium 2009
The tutorial reflects the issues of etiopathogenesis, pathways of specific and nonspecific inflammatory processes. The description of normal microflora is given, the issues of diagnosis and treatment of various forms of inflammatory processes are described in detail, modern treatment and rehabilitation schemes are presented.

Recommended for students, interns, clinical ordi-nators and practicing obstetrician-gynecologists.
abstract The main aspects of diagnosing the causes of infertility of a married couple 2009
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