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Abortion is not a contraceptive method.

Abortion is a barbaric method of birth control that is inherently immoral. It is always a murder that causes trauma to a woman. Unfortunately, in our country abortion remains a widespread and accessible method: their number is 2 times higher than the number of births. A peculiar model of family planning has been established through artificial abortion. At the same time, half of women are unaware of the consequences of abortion. It is alarming that young women who are so fraught with the effects of the operation themselves: three out of four representatives of the weaker sex who have not reached the age of 20 interrupt their unwanted pregnancy. And then most of them suffer from the most frequent complications of abortion - inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, which are often delayed, become chronic and lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancy. Preventing the onset of an unwanted pregnancy, rather than artificially interrupting it, should be central to the sexual behavior of young people who are obliged to think not only about satisfying momentary passion, but also about medical, psychological and moral consequences.

Today there is a fairly wide range of ways to protect against unplanned pregnancy. Effective tool Spiral or intrauterine device (IUD) - a device of various shapes, sometimes containing metals (copper, silver, gold). Now worldwide use spirals containing hormones. The action of the Navy is based on the obstruction of the movement of sperm. A spiral is introduced in the last days of menstruation, after a preliminary examination for infection. This tool is recommended for women with a permanent sexual partner, its effectiveness reaches 99%. Both protects and protects the Condom - the only means that not only protects against unwanted pregnancy, but also protects both partners from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It is recommended for women with multiple sexual partners. It is necessary to check the shelf life and integrity of the condom before using it. Strictly follow the scheme. Modern hormonal contraceptives are pills containing extremely small amounts of two hormones - those that are present in the body of a woman - estrogen and progesterone.
Their action is based on the prevention of ovulation and thickening of cervical mucus, which prevents the promotion of sperm. With strict adherence to the regimen of oral contraceptives, their effectiveness reaches 99%. Possible side effects are not harmful and pass quickly. Replacing contraceptive drugs does not reduce their effectiveness. Smoking women should not be carried away by them. In addition to the contraceptive, these drugs have a therapeutic effect - menstruation becomes painless, less abundant and more regular, and the risk of ovarian and breast cancer decreases. If there is a need to contact one or another specialist about any disease, be sure to tell us that you are taking contraceptives. The question of the selection and cancellation of a contraceptive, the duration of its use is decided only by a doctor. In an unforeseen situation. Contraception methods such as interrupted sexual intercourse and the rhythmic method are not effective enough and are used only in cases where other methods are contraindicated. After the end of the childbearing function, an injection contraceptive, Depo-Provera, can be used. It is easy to use and inexpensive. A single intramuscular injection provides a contraceptive effect for 90 days. If you experience side effects, you should consult with your doctor. The most effective method is sterilization, which is carried out according to medical indications. Chemical methods of contraception ("Pharmatex", "Contracetin") are not used as the main means for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, but only as an addition to other ineffective methods. If the unforeseen happened, unfortunately, this happens: a condom broke, a woman was raped, you need to take "emergency" measures - within 72 hours, take the pill according to the scheme suggested by the doctor. The dose of the hormonal drug in such cases is high. Here will help out high-dose drug "Postinor", which can not be used as the main method of contraception. The question of the selection of the most appropriate method for you to prevent unplanned pregnancy should be discussed with the gynecologist. He can get information about family planning, preparing for the birth of the desired, healthy baby.
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  1. Abortion in progress, incomplete and complete abortion
    Abortion in the course is characterized by the fact that the ovum fully exfoliates from the uterine wall and descends into its lower divisions, including the cervical canal. Clinically marked cramping pain in the lower abdomen and pronounced bleeding. The fetal egg is located in the cervical canal, its lower pole may protrude into the vagina. Abortion in progress can end with an incomplete or complete abortion. With
  2. Abortion
    Termination of pregnancy for up to 22 weeks can be spontaneous (spontaneous abortion) and induced (artofrimal, criminal abortion). DIAGNOSTICS = Threatening and incipient abortion - bleeding from the genital tract, pain in the lower abdomen of the aching and cramping character. = Abortion "in progress", incomplete abortion - bleeding up to abundant, increasing symptoms
  3. Abortion
    Abortion (abortus) is an abortion followed by complete or partial resorption of the embryo, or expulsion from the genital organs of a dead (miscarriage) or immature fetus (nesus). Abortions are observed in all types of farm animals. By the time of occurrence of abortion are early and late. According to the clinical course, all abortions are divided into complete, incomplete,
  4. Abortion
    Physical blocking Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the expiration of the sixth month, that is, until the moment from which the child can survive and develop independently. After six months, they talk not about abortion, but about preterm labor. The following forms of abortion are distinguished: · Spontaneous abortion. Occurs suddenly and ends with the discharge of the fetus, often already dead, and
  5. Threatening abortion
    Threatening abortion - increased contractile activity of the uterus. In this stage of abortion, the ovum retains its connection with the wall of the uterus. A clinically threatened abortion is manifested by a feeling of heaviness or a weak pulling pain in the lower abdomen and in the sacrum area. With late abortion, colicy pains may occur. No blood discharge. The cervix is ​​not shortened, the inner
    Spontaneous abortion is attributed to the main types of obstetric pathology. Spontaneous miscarriages occur in 15-20% of all desired pregnancies. It is believed that the statistics do not include a large number of very early and subclinical miscarriages. Many researchers believe that spontaneous miscarriages in the first trimester are a manifestation of natural selection. Confirmation of this is
  7. Abortion and its prevention
    Happiness is impossible without health. W. G. Belinsky Abortion. Liberal, conservative and moderate attitudes towards abortion. PASS. Criminal abortion. Medical abortion. Abortion (from the Latin abortus - miscarriage), as well as reproductive technology, is a problem of biomedical ethics. Abortion is called any (including natural) abortion. Morally
  8. Spontaneous abortions.
    Spontaneous abortions result in 10 to 20% of clinically diagnosed pregnancies. If an abortion occurs in the first 2-3 weeks after fertilization, then the bleeding in time coincides with the menstruation, and the pregnancy cannot be established without a hormonal examination of the woman. With these cases, the frequency of spontaneous abortions increases to 30-40%. The causes of spontaneous abortion are manifold -
  9. Abortion
    It happens that a nursing woman, having a baby, becomes pregnant again. But if this baby is unwanted, then she starts thinking about abortion. Sometimes, abortion has to do for medical reasons. But in any case, because of whatever it happens, this is not always a joyful event. Abortion never passes without a trace for the health of a woman. The most innocent consequence is cervical erosion.
  10. Induced abortion
    Artificial abortion in the early and late periods is performed by different methods and according to numerous indications. Early pregnancy termination has become available to women in our country since 1955. The procedure for sending women for induced abortion in the early periods is determined by the relevant regulatory documents (Resolution of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus No. 60 of 1
  11. Theme "Abortion as a factor in the destruction of the physical, mental and spiritual health of a woman"
    The concept of abortion. 2. Artificial abortion. 3. Criminal abortion. 4. Medical abortion. 5. The reasons for the mass distribution of abortion. 6. The consequences of abortion for the physical, mental and spiritual health of women. 7. Abortion - the murder of a child in the womb of the mother. 8. The effect of abortion on the reproduction of subsequent offspring. 9. Hormonal contraception - the pros and
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