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What you need to know about yourself

The first question you should ask yourself is, do you know yourself well enough?

Do you have a clear idea of ​​how you are “built”? What are the features and rhythm of your internal organs? How does this activity relate to that of your partner? Experts argue that banal sexual illiteracy is the cause of childlessness in a much larger number of couples than you might imagine.

This chapter will be useful to those who want to understand what is needed for the appearance of healthy children in the family and what should be done first if the desired pregnancy does not occur.

Understanding these issues is easier if you know how the reproductive organs of a man and woman work, and how fertilization occurs - the initial stage of the reproduction process.

The process of reproduction, or reproduction of offspring, consists of many links, a violation of each of which can lead to infertility.
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What you need to know about yourself

  1. TaschenGuide is all you need to know
    For everyone who has little time and who wants to know the essence of the matter. For beginners and professionals who want to quickly refresh their knowledge. You will save time and be able to effectively apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The authors present each topic simply, in an accessible form. All sections are structured in accordance with the most important issues and problems encountered in practice.
  2. What you need to know
    Student activity is a kind of stage in life. The basis is understandable - study in accordance with the goal, objectives, and most importantly - the motivation due to obtaining a specialty in this university. The student’s workload increases, especially during the session, up to 15-16 hours. Given the "chronic" lack of sleep, violation of the work regime, nutrition and other factors,
  3. What you need to know about the disease
    What you need to know about
  4. What the commander needs to know about drugs
    Currently, 5 main groups of narcotic substances can be distinguished, these are: 1. Opiates - drugs obtained from opium poppy or its synthetic substitutes. They cause a state of euphoria and are characterized by a very high degree of formation of physical and mental dependence. These include: opium, morphine, heroin, codeine, etc. 2. Depressants - substances that soothe or inhibit
  5. What we should not treat
    For God, the Creator of this infinite Universe - the kingdom of freedom, happiness and justice - there are no incurable diseases. Despite this, there are some patients who cannot be cured and who cannot be taught how to cure themselves. These are arrogant people who do not want to know first of all the structures of the Infinite Universe and its comprehensive basis (Kingdom of Heaven and its justice). They do not understand,
  6. What happens to a person if he is guilty, but does not realize himself in this report and does not consider himself guilty? Will he be punished? Will he reap what he sowed?
    Laws apply to everyone regardless of whether we believe in them or not. For example, if someone passes a red light and tells the policeman that he is not aware of the law or that he does not believe in him, this dzhigit will still get a fine. The situation is exactly the same with spiritual laws - the law of karma or the law of cause and effect. If a person knows that he is breaking the law, and yet consciously
  7. What works must eat
    The reserve reserves intended for use during fasting are assimilated with greater ease and less load on the body compared to the consumption of food undergoing a difficult process of assimilation. Dr. Jennings explained: “The moment concerning the vessels of the lymphatic system deserves special attention and reminder. For some health problems when the digestive apparatus is removed
    Olga Korotonozhkina expert AB RUI, veterinarian The cat is very prolific. At 8 - 10 months she can already bring the first offspring. Two, three and even four times a year, she is able to give birth to kittens, an average of five in each litter. After a year, the young generation is also involved in the process of procreation. American scientists have calculated that one cat and all its offspring in seven years can produce
  9. What to do with people who do not want to help themselves, but prefer to scold others for their difficulties and illnesses? What if they get angry when they are given tips and advice?
    When such a person appears in our environment, this means that we ourselves must learn not to interfere in our own business and accept these people as they are, recognizing their right to be who they want to be. They have the right to choose their own path. I understand that it’s not easy to watch how a person chooses a path full of difficulties and suffering. Often it's just impossible to understand
  10. My husband and son wake up hard in the morning. I have to wake them several times. It ends up screaming them out of bed so that my husband is not late for work and his son goes to school. What should I do in order not to feel responsible for their delay?
    Firstly, this is not your responsibility, and secondly, you need to assign this responsibility to them yourself, telling them that from now on they will be responsible for the consequences of their choice. Currently, they have made the choice to send in the mornings, and you decided to be responsible for the consequences of their choice, fearing what might happen to them. When they themselves have to answer for the consequences of their choice,
  11. Stage 8. Group reflection “What have I learned (a) about what is valuable and useful?”
    We offer a reflective methodology for assessing the results of gender education. In our opinion, it, rather than other methods, reflects the complex processes of personal changes of participants, corresponds to the interactive nature of training and the human need for self-expression. Shifts in consciousness cannot occur simultaneously, the problem of the “critical period” is relevant,
  12. You said that breastfeeding should not cause pain, but what about the engorgement that occurs in every woman a few days after giving birth?
    Often confused full and rough breasts. Fullness is normal, but engorgement can and should be prevented. A few days after giving birth, your breasts may become full, heavy and swollen, but milk flows easily. More often, give the baby a breast so that it sucks milk. Your breasts will gradually adapt to your baby’s needs and become softer, and you will feel better. If
  13. Basically, everything works out with my husband. But can I allow myself to make a remark to him when I see that he is losing control of his emotions and goes with the flow?
    He is offended by my comments. You ask, “can you afford”. You should not allow yourself, but rather, he should ask you about it, since it is in his interests. Given his overly emotional nature, you should be gentle in dealing with him. This is the rule of human mercy. Try to understand with what intention you are doing what you call a remark. You
  14. Should I confess to my spouse, with whom I have been living for twenty-four years, that I no longer love him, but treat him like a brother?
    I think that he also guesses about it. Isn't it better for me to leave him so that each of us can improve independently? You are not mistaken in thinking that your husband is aware of what is happening to you, although he may not be fully aware of this. I see that your relationship suffers to a large extent from your inability to communicate. It even seems to me that you should share as soon as possible
  15. At what point should we help and to whom should we help?
    We can help at any time, provided that the person accepts our help. We should help as far as possible to all those who ask us for help; this is what we call human mercy. When a person asks us for help, we know that this is always the right moment to help him. When a person did not ask us for anything, and we sincerely believe that the ideal has arrived
  16. How can I make sure that I don’t feel guilty that sometimes I leave my spouse alone with my children and go to my friend’s, to the store or just walk, breathe fresh air and think about myself?
    Feeling guilty is the main obstacle to the evolution of man. Since it arises from our beliefs, that is, on a mental level, the only way to avoid guilt is to change our beliefs. You can read about the beliefs in the book, but first of all you have to make sure internally: are you really to blame? Only intentionally causing harm to someone can serve
  17. How should one behave with a sick person who uses his illness in order to evoke self-love? I feel helpless because I want to help this man, but he does not believe in anything.
    The previous answer extends to this question. Why does a person often feel the need to help others without thinking that this can harm another? A person who decides to help someone without thinking about what he can do is only think about himself. He needs someone’s positive result to feel his own worth. Therefore he
  18. In my family I do everything: home, food, children, their education, their education. I don’t understand why only I should deal with all this. My husband says that when a woman does everything, it’s in the order of things. But he is also responsible for this, right?
    It depends on the obligations that you together made before the birth of the children. Have you discussed the consequences of having children in your family? Who wanted them? Suppose you really wanted to have children, but your husband told you: “I do not want to have children, but if this is so important to you, then okay. You can have children, I do not mind, because you will deal with them. " If between you has been reached
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