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Abstract. Immunity, 2010
Introduction, Immunity, Antigens, Immune system organs, Cellular and humoral immunity indices, Immune response, Immune regulation, Functional system for maintaining the constancy of body cells, Conclusion.

Books and textbooks on discipline Immunology and allergology:

  1. Lectures on Immunology

    . Lecture on Immunology - 2011
  2. Study and research work

    . Introduction to immunology. Structure and functional organization of the immune system - 2011
  3. Abstract. Біотехнологічня підходи до отримання вакци, діагностичних та лікувальних препаратів - 2011 year
  4. Abstract. "Cytokines" - 2010
  5. Abstract. Immunity of the child's body. Immune relationship of mother and fetus. - year 2009
  6. Teaching aid

    . Allergy. Mediator type Methods of diagnostics - 2009 year
  7. Voronkova EG, Voronkov EG. A guide to practical exercises on immunology - 2005
  8. Adelman D. Immunology - 1993
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