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. Lecture on immunology, 2011
Immunization and immunotherapy. Immunity and immunopathology. Methods for the study of the immune system. Immunocorrection methods. Ontogenesis of the immune system. Critical periods in the development of the immune system. Immunopathology type 2. The mechanisms of cytolysis. Immune hemolytic anemia. Diseases caused by immune complexes (type 3 immunopathological reactions). Characteristics of immune complex inflammation. Nosological forms of the disease. Diseases caused by the 4th type of immunopathological reactions. Immunopathogenesis. Nosological forms of the disease. The 5th type of immunopathological tissue damage. Immunopathogenesis of Graves disease, myasthenia gravis. Molecular basis of apoptosis. Starting signals: inducers and inhibitors of apoptosis. Effects of apoptosis. The role of apoptosis in the development of immunopathology. Morphological manifestations of apoptosis The mechanism of apoptosis

Morphological manifestations of apoptosis

Books and textbooks on the subject Immunology and Allergology:

  1. Educational research work

    . Introduction to immunology. Structure and functional organization of the immune system - 2011
  2. Abstract. Biotechnology pdhodi to otrimannya vaccines, diagnostic and licorinal preparations - 2011
  3. Abstract. Immunity - 2010
  4. Abstract. "Cytokines" - 2010
  5. Abstract. Immunity of the child's body. Immune relationship of mother and fetus. - year 2009
  6. Teaching guide

    . Allergy. Mediator type gt. Diagnostic methods - 2009
  7. Voronkova EG, Voronkov EG. Guide to practical classes in immunology - 2005
  8. Adelman D. Immunology - 1993
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