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Voronkova EG, Voronkov EG. A guide to practical exercises on immunology, 2005
Immunology as an independent scientific discipline was recently incorporated into the curriculum of the Biological and Chemical Faculty of the Gorno-Altaisk State University. At the same time, there is a clear defect, and even a simple lack of appropriate literature. This served as an excuse for drawing up guidelines for this discipline. The basis for the compilation of methodological recommendations were modern scientific materials on molecular biology, genetics, virology, cytology, embryology, dealing with the problems of molecular and cellular immunology, the issues of particular manifestations of immunity and its violations. The methodical manual is constructed in such a way that it combines a short course of lectures with elements of practical exercises and questions of seminars. In addition, the manual contains a large number of schemes and drawings, allowing to present the mechanisms of immune reactions. In developing some of the sessions, the author used the experience of teaching immunology in students of the Biological and Chemical Faculty of the Gorno-Altaisk State University

Books and textbooks on discipline Immunology and allergology:

  1. Lectures on Immunology

    . Lecture on Immunology - 2011
  2. Study and research work

    . Introduction to immunology. Structure and functional organization of the immune system - 2011
  3. Abstract. Біотехнологічня підходи до отримання вакци, діагностичних та лікувальних препаратів - 2011 year
  4. Abstract. Immunity - 2010
  5. Abstract. "Cytokines" - 2010
  6. Abstract. Immunity of the child's body. Immune relationship of mother and fetus. - year 2009
  7. Teaching aid

    . Allergy. Mediator type Methods of diagnostics - 2009 year
  8. Adelman D. Immunology - 1993
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