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Cherepanov A.A., Moskvin A.S., Kotelnikov G.A., Khrenov V.M. Differential diagnosis of helminthiases by the morphological structure of eggs and larvae of pathogens, 1999
Atlas is a methodological tool for laboratory specialists (veterinarians and laboratory assistants), teachers, students of higher, secondary educational institutions and other institutions of veterinary medicine. In addition, it may be of practical interest to health professionals and environmental biologists. It provides data on the main pathogens of helminthiases, methods for their diagnosis, as well as characteristic signs of eggs and larvae of helminths of the most common species in illustrative and descriptive forms. When diagnosing helminthiases, special importance is attached to the size, shape, structure of eggs and parasite larvae. The manual describes the method of their micrometry, as well as the method of quantitative coproovoscopic diagnosis.

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