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Gaponov S.P. Parasitic arthropods, 2005
The training manual examines the structure, biology, and life cycles of parasitic arthropods. Adaptive features of the morphology and physiology of parasitic crustaceans, insects and ticks are emphasized. The main forms of parasitism and possible ways of their formation within the type are indicated. Particular attention is paid to the blood-sucking arthropods - carriers of pathogens of infections and infestations, as well as the ways of circulation of the most important natural focal diseases. The manual is intended for students of biological faculties of higher educational institutions. Recommended for use in the courses "Parasitology", "Medical and Veterinary Zoology", "Arachnoentomology"
Ceratopogonidae family (biting gnats, biting gnats, punkies)

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  4. Beer S. A. .. Theoretical parasitology, how to understand it, what is included in its tasks? - year 2000
  5. Cherepanov A.A., Moskvin A.S., Kotelnikov G.A., Khrenov V.M. Differential diagnosis of helminthiasis by the morphological structure of eggs and larvae of pathogens - 1999
  6. Methodical instructions for the course and laboratory work for 1st and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Biology .. Parasitology - 1998
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