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Antonov M.M .. Tissue helminthiases in adults and children (epidemiology, clinic, diagnosis, treatment, prevention), 2004
Guidelines. Introduction Etiology. Features of the epidemic process. Immunopathogenesis of tissue helminthiases. Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of certain types of tissue helminthiases. Toxocariasis. Trichinosis. Echinococcosis. Cysticercosis. Laboratory diagnosis of tissue helminthiases. Instrumental diagnostic methods. Differential diagnosis. Treatment of tissue helminthiases. Dispensary observation. Prevention

Books and textbooks on discipline Medical parasitology:

  1. Gaponov S.P. Parasitic arthropods - 2005
  2. Gaponov S.P. Parasitic protozoa - 2003
  3. Lecture. Tapeworms - 2000
  4. Beer S. A. .. Theoretical parasitology, how to understand it, what is included in its tasks? - year 2000
  5. Cherepanov A.A., Moskvin A.S., Kotelnikov G.A., Khrenov V.M. Differential diagnosis of helminthiasis by the morphological structure of eggs and larvae of pathogens - 1999
  6. Methodical instructions for the course and laboratory work for 1st and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Biology .. Parasitology - 1998
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