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Edward Morgan Jr., Magid S. Michael. Anesthesiology: Book 2 — Per. from English - M.-SPb .: Publishing House BRSHOM-Nevsky Dialect, 2000. 366 p., Ill., 2000

The book discusses the physiological basis of anesthesia in patients with concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous and mental disorders, impaired water-electrolyte balance and acid-base state. In separate chapters, methods for carrying out anesthesia in the pre-, intra- and postoperative periods during surgical interventions on the heart and blood vessels, lungs and trachea, esophagus, brain and spinal cord and spine, kidneys and other organs of the urinary system are presented. The issues of conducting infusion therapy are described in detail - indications, methods, types of solutions, complications and alternative options.
For anesthetists, resuscitators, students of medical schools.

A. Factors affecting ventricular filling.
Vascular surgery anesthesia
Aortic diseases
Carotid anesthesia
Functional Anatomy of the Respiratory System
Ventilation-perfusion relationship
Blood respiratory transport
Diagnostic Anesthesia
Physiology of the central nervous system
Regulation of cerebral circulation
Degenerative and demyelinating diseases
Mental illness
Alternative transfusion therapy options
Definitions and terminology

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