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Goryachev A.S. Savin, I. A. Basics of IVL, 2009
The purpose of this book is to tell how our colleagues, resuscitating physicians, all over the world have agreed to classify the ventilator modes. The author of the classification is a professor at Cleveland University, Robert Chatburn (Robert L. Chatburn). This classification of ventilation modes was approved at a consensus conference on respiratory therapy devices (Consensus Statement of Mechanical Ventilators) of the American Association for Respiratory Therapy and was published in 2001 in Volume 46 of Respiratory Care magazine on pages 604-621 under the heading “Anew system for understanding modes of mechanical ventilation. ” The book will help to understand the difference between the 6 options mode "IMV" on the devices of the company Drager. Are the mode names synonymous: “BIPAP”, “Duo-PAP”, “ARPV ​​/ Biphasic”, “BiVENT”, “Bilevel”, “SPAP”, “APRV”, “Intermittent CPAP”, “CPAP with release”? The book describes 28 modes created based on the method of matching breaths CMV. How to concisely describe the mode of artificial ventilation, so that it can not be confused with another and you understand colleagues around the world? The authors of the book give a description of all the ventilator modes known to them - more than sixty.

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