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Tyunyaev A.A. Blood groups. Syndrome homeologic-chromosomal immunodeficiency, 2009
The monograph is devoted to the study: is the geographical distribution of blood groups among the population related to anthropological and medical changes that have occurred in the studied groups of this population. The work allows us to decide on the interaction of blood groups and genetic diseases, bearing in mind that the latter are the inevitable consequence of the first. The basis for these studies was the methodology of the new fundamental science Organizmika, developed by the author. In the appendix to the monograph set out the brief foundations of the new science Organizmiki.

The monograph is intended for researchers - doctors, biologists and geneticists, faculty, graduate students and students of universities and universities of these specialties. It may be of interest both to historians and anthropologists, as well as to anyone interested in new, non-traditional approaches in scientific research.

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