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Test. Chromosomal diseases caused by a violation of the number of autosomes, 2011
The concept of autosomes, their number, functions. Partial and complete monosomy: "cat's scream" syndrome Lezgen's syndrome de Grusi syndrome Trisomy: Down's syndrome Edwards syndrome Patau syndrome

Books and textbooks on discipline Hereditary, gene diseases:

  1. Lectures. Lectures and practical assignments on genetics - 2011
  2. Ugolnikova EG (comp.). Collection of tasks on medical genetics - 2011
  3. Abstract. Problems of medical genetics. Medical Genetic Counseling - 2011
  4. Abstract. Hereditary Diseases - 2011
  5. Abstract. Hereditary diseases of man - 2010 year
  6. Abstract. Chromosomes and chromosomal diseases - 2010
  7. Abstract. Genetic diseases and their characteristics - 2009
  8. Abstract. Chromosomal sex diseases (Turner syndrome, trisomy X syndrome) - 2009
  9. Tyunyaev AA Blood groups. Syndrome of homeostatic-chromosomal immunodeficiency - 2009
  10. TP Dubkova. Congenital and hereditary diseases in children (causes, manifestations, prevention) - 2008
  11. Asanov A. Yu. Fundamentals of Genetics and Hereditary Developmental Disorders in Children - 2003
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