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Lectures. Lectures and practical assignments on genetics, 2011
History methods Fundamentals of molecular genetics Patterns of inheritance of characteristics Variability Classification of hereditary diseases Chromosomal diseases Hereditary gene diseases Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hereditary diseases
The history of the development of genetics as a fundamental science. Methods of researching human genetics
Fundamentals of molecular genetics
Patterns of inheritance of features
Dihybrid crossing and the law of independent distribution
Chromosomal diseases
Hereditary gene diseases
Practical lessons

Books and textbooks on discipline Hereditary, gene diseases:

  1. Ugolnikova EG (comp.). Collection of tasks on medical genetics - 2011
  2. Abstract. Problems of medical genetics. Medical Genetic Counseling - 2011
  3. Test. Chromosomal diseases caused by a violation of the number of autosomes - 2011
  4. Abstract. Hereditary Diseases - 2011
  5. Abstract. Hereditary diseases of man - 2010 year
  6. Abstract. Chromosomes and chromosomal diseases - 2010
  7. Abstract. Genetic diseases and their characteristics - 2009
  8. Abstract. Chromosomal sex diseases (Turner syndrome, trisomy X syndrome) - 2009
  9. Tyunyaev AA Blood groups. Syndrome of homeostatic-chromosomal immunodeficiency - 2009
  10. TP Dubkova. Congenital and hereditary diseases in children (causes, manifestations, prevention) - 2008
  11. Asanov A. Yu. Fundamentals of Genetics and Hereditary Developmental Disorders in Children - 2003
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