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Ugolnikova E.G. (comp.) Collection of problems in medical genetics, 2011
Collection of tasks on medical genetics Compiled by various literary sources by the teacher of medical genetics Engels Medical College Ugolnikova E. G. Contents: Explanatory note The main laws of heredity Heredity and pathology. Gene diseases. Heredity and pathology. Methods for the study of human heredity. Medical genetic counseling. Appendix Compilation pedigrees. Appendix Hereditary diseases. Appendix Algorithm for solving problems of genetics. application
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Books and textbooks on the discipline Hereditary, gene diseases:

  1. Lectures. Lectures and practical tasks in genetics - 2011
  2. Abstract. Problems of medical genetics. Medical Genetic Counseling - 2011
  3. Test. Chromosomal diseases caused by disruption of the number of autosomes - 2011
  4. Abstract. Hereditary diseases - 2011
  5. Abstract. Inherited Human Diseases - 2010
  6. Abstract. Chromosomes and chromosomal diseases - 2010
  7. Abstract. Gene diseases and their characteristics - 2009
  8. Abstract. Chromosomal diseases of sex (Turner syndrome, trisomy X syndrome) - 2009
  9. Tyunyaev A.A. Blood groups. Homeologic-Chromosomal Immunodeficiency Syndrome - 2009
  10. T.P. Dyubkova. Congenital and hereditary diseases in children (causes, manifestations, prevention) - 2008
  11. Asanov A. Yu. Fundamentals of genetics and hereditary developmental disorders in children - 2003
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