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T.P. Dyubkova. Congenital and hereditary diseases in children (causes, manifestations, prevention), 2008
The manual contains a brief description of various forms of human hereditary pathology. Much attention is paid to the issues of prenatal diagnosis and prevention of congenital and hereditary diseases. Attracted the latest achievements in this field of knowledge. Offered control and training issues for better learning topics. A brief glossary of terms is provided. Designed for university students enrolled in the program of the course "Fundamentals of medical knowledge." Can be used by students of medical universities.

Books and textbooks on the discipline Hereditary, gene diseases:

  1. Lectures. Lectures and practical tasks in genetics - 2011
  2. Ugolnikova E.G. (comp.) Collection of problems in medical genetics - 2011
  3. Abstract. Problems of medical genetics. Medical Genetic Counseling - 2011
  4. Test. Chromosomal diseases caused by disruption of the number of autosomes - 2011
  5. Abstract. Hereditary diseases - 2011
  6. Abstract. Inherited Human Diseases - 2010
  7. Abstract. Chromosomes and chromosomal diseases - 2010
  8. Abstract. Gene diseases and their characteristics - 2009
  9. Abstract. Chromosomal sex diseases (Turner syndrome, trisomy X syndrome) - 2009
  10. Tyunyaev A.A. Blood groups. Homeologic Chromosomal Immunodeficiency Syndrome - 2009
  11. Asanov A. Yu. Fundamentals of genetics and hereditary developmental disorders in children - 2003
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