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Lectures. Lectures on dermatology and venereology, 2009
Anatomy, histology and normal skin functions. Pyoderma. Staphyloderma, streptoderma. Mixed streptostaphyloderma. Scabies. Pediculosis, dermatitis. ECZEMA. Neurodermal. Hives. Edema quincke. Psoriasis. Red lichen planus. Pink lichen Gilbert. Exudative erythema multiforme. Fungal diseases of the skin. Keratomycosis. Inguinal athlete. Mycoses of the feet, fungal diseases. Trichomycosis. Diseases of the connective tissue. Lupus erythematosus. Scleroderma. Viral skin diseases, seborrhea, acne, cystic dermatosis. Herpetiform dermatosis Dühring. The general course of syphilis. Primary period. The secondary period of syphilis. Tertiary period. Congenital syphilis, prevention. Hidden syphilis, classification, diagnosis. The clinical significance of serological reactions. Treatment of patients with syphilis. Gonorrhea men. Dispensary methods in organizing the fight against sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases (trichomoniasis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, herpes infection, candidiasis, gardnerellosis (bacterial vaginosis), genital warts, AIDS).
Allergic dermatitis
Anatomical and physiological features of the skin in children

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