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Tutorial. Enzymopathies, 2011
The training manual provides an analysis of the latest literature data on the problem of intestinal enzymes, taking into account the course of diseases, the difficulties of their diagnosis, therapeutic treatment. Presented are modern classifications of this pathology, principles of patient management; practical recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of food intolerance are given, taking into account the possibilities and traditions of national health care. To consolidate knowledge and verify the assimilation of educational material control tests are given and situational tasks. The manual is intended for therapists, clinical residents, interns, teachers, senior students of medical universities.

Books and textbooks on the discipline Internal diseases:

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  2. crib. Propaedeutics of internal diseases, internal diseases with field therapy - 2011
  3. Situational tasks. Situational tasks for therapy - 2011
  4. Crib. Tasks for the state exam 2011 (Department of Emergency Medicine MGMSU.) - 2011
  5. Disease history. Cirrhosis of the liver of alcoholic etiology. Moderately active. In the stage of decompensation. Class C By Child Pugh. Portal hypertension syndrome, ascites. Jaundice. Hepatic cell failure - 2011
  6. Lectures. Chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis - 2011
  7. Abstract. Dysbacteriosis and the consequences of its effect on the body. - 2011
  8. Abstract. Laboratory diagnosis of kidney disease - 2010
  9. Department of Emergency Medicine MGMSU. Tasks for the GOS exam - 2010
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  11. Abstract. Internal Medicine - 2007
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  15. Toolkit. The use of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Problems, the tenth revision (ICD-10) in the practice of domestic medicine - 2002
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  20. Edited by prof. I.K. Latoguz. Classifications and diagnostic criteria in the clinic of internal diseases - 1992
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