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Gavrilov M. A., Dremov S. V., Bobrovsky A. V. Effective weight loss program for 7 days 2006
The problem of excess weight has become a real scourge of modern man, one of the main reasons for his many ailments. We all heard about a variety of methods of losing weight, requiring the most severe diets and exhausting exercises. But the secret of the method described in this book is that there is no need to refuse anything, the main thing is to reach an understanding with your body. In the book you will read about the causes of overeating, the differences between hunger and appetite and how to take advantage of it, the principles of good nutrition and a proper understanding of yourself, your body and its needs. A carefully developed methodology, designed for a week of classes, will help to cope with the food addiction that undermines your health, and permanently lose weight. This book is not a medical textbook. All recommendations must be agreed with your doctor.
Bulanov Yu.B. Zhirotopka 2005
Obesity is a disease, a disease that is characterized by an excessive accumulation of body fat. And this excess accumulation is dangerous to health. In developed countries, only in the last 10 years, the number of obese patients has increased by 2 times. Now we take note of only the following facts: obese people die of diabetes 4 times more often than those who have normal body weight, coronary heart disease 2 times more often, from gallstone disease 2-2.5 times and from liver cirrhosis - 1.5–2 times. Life expectancy of obese people is on average 10 years less than that of all others. From here it becomes clear why fat burning has now become such a pressing problem.
Ginzburg M.M. Perfect weight loss program 2005
Do you think it is possible to lose weight without suffering at the same time? Is it possible to do without hard diets and exhausting physical exertion? Yes you can! And even need! And such a method exists. And this is confirmed by the stories of hundreds of patients who got rid of extra pounds forever! The author of this truly revolutionary technique, MD, director of the Research Institute of Dietetics and Diet Therapy, M.M. Ginsburg, the pen of which owns a number of books and articles on the nature of overweight. The book is written in an accessible, figurative language. It contains specific practical recommendations that will allow you not only to lose weight, but never recover again. The book is focused on a wide range of readers.
Lissy moussa Here you have a foothold, or OK's YUMORON 2004
This is the first book by Lissi Moussa, written in 2003 and published in September 2004. "All life is a theater, and people are in it ..." said Shakespeare, and everyone can finish this famous phrase in their own way. But, as a rule, everyone chooses the same option: the actors. Puppets. Pawns in the game. The secret is not great - if you have problems in any area - whether it is relationships, health, financial difficulties, or just you are bored - you are a figure on the board. And someone plays with you. Unpleasant - but true! If you are satisfied with this state of affairs - this book is not for you. This book is for those who are ready to play by themselves. "Point of Support" is the first level for the future Master of His Game. Masters who are ready to turn any life situation into their Game, for their own benefit and joy. The unique in simplicity methods of the Magic Game will allow you instantly - effortlessly! - to achieve everything you want. This is our book - simple, easy to understand and fun!
George ozawa Macrobiotic Zen. 2004
The book is a simple and accessible language guide on harmonious nutrition, built in accordance with the principle of yin-yang, respect for acid-base balance. Such nutrition not only allows you to save and restore health. It changes the quality of all life, giving true well-being and fullness, building it in harmony with the Universe, with its laws. Addressed to a wide range of readers.
Shatalov G.S. Healing food on the basis of energy feasibility 1995
Galina Shatalova, the author of the well-known system of natural healing, in her new book continues the conversation about the spiritual and physical health of a person. The book covers the following topics: Longevity formula. Healing products and dishes from them. Nutrition and cardiovascular diseases. The role of nutrition in the occurrence and treatment of cancer. Medical fasting: "for" and "against." Medicinal plants used in traditional medicine for the treatment of cancer. For a wide range of readers.
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