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Getman GF. Pediatrics with childhood infections. Resuscitation of newborns with asphyxia, 2009
A teaching aid for students will help to master the basic concepts and skills of resuscitation of newborns during asphyxiation in classes - in pediatrics in the second year at the departments of General Medicine, Obstetrics (full-time education) on the topic Resuscitation of Newborns; - on the II course of the department "Nursing" (full-time education) in the discipline "Nursing in Pediatrics" on the topic "Nursing care for diseases of the newborn"; - on the III course on the discipline "Family medicine" of the department "Nursing" (full-time education), the section "Family and children" on the topic "First aid in acute respiratory failure in children"; - at the department "General Medicine" (full-time education) in the fourth year of the subject "Syndromic pathology in respiratory failure"; - on the III course "Obstetric Department" (full-time education) under the section "Emergency care in pediatrics" on the topic "Emergency care for respiratory failure." This educational-methodical manual gives a plan of consecutive measures when solving situational tasks on emergency aid according to a compilation for state attestation. Asphyxia is more common in newborns than in children of other age groups, and each newborn has the right to resuscitation care, performed at a high professional level. Considered and approved at a meeting of the cyclic methodological commission of pediatrics
Resuscitation of newborns with asphyxia
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