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Getzman GF. Pediatrics with childhood infections. Resuscitation of newborns with asphyxia, 2009
A teaching aid for students will help to master the basic concepts and skills of resuscitation of newborns during asphyxiation in classes - on pediatrics in the second year at the departments of General Medicine, Obstetrics (full-time education) on the topic Resuscitation of Newborns; - on the II course of the department "Nursing" (full-time education) in the discipline "Nursing in Pediatrics" on the topic "Nursing care for diseases of the newborn"; - on the III course on the discipline "Family medicine" of the department "Nursing" (full-time education), section "Family and children" on the topic "First aid in acute respiratory failure in children"; - at the department "General Medicine" (full-time education) in the fourth year of the subject "Syndromic pathology in respiratory failure"; - on the III course "Obstetric Department" (full-time education) under the section "Emergency care in pediatrics" on the topic "Emergency care for respiratory failure." This teaching aid gives a plan of successive measures in solving situational problems of emergency aid in the collection for state attestation. Asphyxia is more common in newborns than in children of other age groups, and each newborn has the right to resuscitation care, performed at a high professional level. Considered and approved at the meeting of the cyclic methodological commission of pediatrics
Resuscitation of newborns with asphyxia
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