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Leonova E. V. Chanturia A. V. Wismont F. I .. Pathological physiology of the blood system, 2009
Blood is an extremely complex, especially vital system, which largely determines the integrity of the body. For a doctor of any specialty, knowledge of the basics of hematology is necessary. The pathophysiological aspects of blood system disorders for the clinician are essential. This issue is the subject of this manual. It includes up-to-date information about blood formation, violation of the processes of erythro-, leuko-, thrombocytopoiesis, about the pathology of hemostasis-antihemostasis, about typical forms and reactive changes in the systems of red blood cells, leukocytes, platelets, hemostasis-antihemostasis, as well as questions regarding the etiology, pathogenesis, changes blood with the most common types of anemia, erythrocytosis, leukemia, hemostasiopathy.

The expediency of publishing this manual is due to the rapid development of hematology, enriching it with new achievements and ideas that have not been adequately reflected in the educational literature, the need to present them in an accessible form for students.

The purpose of the classes is to study the causes and mechanisms of disturbances in the processes of erythro-, leuko-, thrombocytopoiesis, hemostasis, antihemostasis; typical changes in blood cells, etiology, pathogenesis of various types of anemia, erythrocytosis, leukemia, hemostasiopathy; changes in their blood picture.

Objectives of the classes - the student should: .......
Typical types of disorders and reactive changes in the red blood cell system
Etiology and pathogenesis of individual forms of anemia
Posthemorrhagic Anemia
Disorders of vascular hemostasis (vasopathy) and mixed genesis

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